TEDx heaven! Meeting at the Social Theater

ROVIGO – The diary entry appointment is set for Saturday. September 23, 9.00, Social Theater of Rovigo.. This is about seventh meeting between Rovigo and TEDx. The public will be exposed to ideas, discoveries and inspiration from which to draw inspiration to improve the world.

While the format of the conferences confirms that of the original TEDx, this year’s food for thought will be “paradise,” as the title of the 2023 edition suggests: “Paradise.” Organizers questioned each person’s need to find their own idea of ​​heaven: a place to find peace, inspiration and happiness, or an intimate experience of profound transformation. Speakers will share their experience and knowledge, offering participants a unique opportunity to discover the paradise of each of us. The theme was anticipated by the public thanks to an initiative within the RoRegeneration festival: last Sunday, in Piazzetta Annonaria, a “wall” was installed for the entire day, which people decorated: it will then serve as a “frame” for the photographic corner. with immediate press who will be attending the event next Saturday.

Also this year, the municipality of Rovigo supports the event with its patronage. Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Rovigo, Roberto Tovo opened the press conference to introduce the event “It is with great pleasure that we will host the event again, along with many other events on our city’s calendar that aim to actively stimulate ideas. TED in particular is a source of inspiration that I personally also use in my teaching career, so it is a source of satisfaction to reach the seventh edition.”

Manuel Tuozzi, curator and licensee of TEDx Rovigo told how the event would take place.

The program is consolidated: the speakers will take to the stage one after the other in their conferences lasting about 15 minutes each, in a dynamic and exciting line-up led by the presenter Luigi Marangoni (actor and professional trainer), who in previous editions has demonstrated an exceptional ability to keep the audience engaged at a very high level high level. For those who have purchased a ticket including lunch, the Salone del Grano will have a lunch and coffee break and the day will end at approximately 18:00.

“Participating in TEDx Rovigo Paradise means meeting passionate people, learning new things and finding inspiration to build a better future. We are confident that this event will take us to new horizons and help us discover how we can make our world a more heavenly place,” said Tuozzi, also citing numbers associated with this event: in the last 90 years, 293 people have been reached through social networks thousands of people. days, 2 and a half million views on the TEDx Rovigo YouTube channel, 4,100 viewers in six episodes (with almost 600 added next Saturday) and 74 speakers coming to Rovigo.

Subsequently, it was the turn of the golden partners of the “festival of ideas.” Thanks were expressed to AIEM, who was unable to attend. While Manuela Nissotti, President of ASM SET; Jarno Chelegin, co-director of Equipe; Alessandra Merciori, Marketing and Communications Manager, FEMI CZ; Cristiano Sanna, IRSAP Communications Manager; Stefano Silvestrin, Commercial Director of Nanosilv, and Marco Pavanello, Commercial Director of Pavanello Serramenti, explained the reasons that convinced them to support TED and introduced the speakers and their topics.

“Expansion, innovation, sustainable development – ​​these are the values ​​in which ASM SET feels at home, we could not miss it,” commented Nissotti.

Roberta Mancino: skydiver, stuntwoman and model

Simona Ravenda: mentalist

Alberto Tuozzi: electronics engineer of the Italian Space Agency

Carlo Rinaldi: marketing director

Federica Ruggiero: actress, professional trainer, entrepreneur

Stefano Roscio: research biologist

Julia Wegner: socio-ecological researcher

Fabrizio Collova: dog listener

Martina Pennisi: digital journalist

Giancarlo Shinkai Carboni: Zen Buddhist monk

Linda Campostrini: influencer, mental coach and digital nomad

Nicolas Micheletti: activist for human, animal and planetary rights

Marika Magistri: Translator and LIS performer

Parachutist, stuntwoman and model. Specializes in extreme sports. She is Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double in all the action scenes of the films that the American actress has filmed for Marvel, including Black Widow, Iron Man 3 and many others. In 2007 he won the Italian Freestyle Skiing Championship and during his career he has received several awards and broken European and world records in skydiving and freeflying.

He will talk about the freedom to break genre clichés and make your dreams come true.

Winner of international awards and recognition in the field of mentalism, with over three thousand shows under his belt, he specializes in corporate entertainment, a type of mentalism show dedicated to companies and created specifically for the specific needs of the client.

He will talk about the power of the mind to achieve your goals, and will also surprise viewers with a mentalism test.

He is currently Head of the European Union Relations Department of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), President of the E. Amaldi Foundation (Scientific Foundation for Technology Transfer to and from the Space Sector) and President of the European Space Telecommunications Council. Agency (JCB)

He will talk about localization technology with a very interesting excursion between history and the future, and from earth to space.

He is an extremely eclectic person. He brings together experience as a musician, composer and choir director, in programming languages ​​as a software engineer, and in communications as Director of Marketing and Innovation. He will talk about good leadership and how to make work relationships more fruitful.

A professional actress since 2006, she regularly collaborates with the Teatro Garage troupe in Genoa as part of national tours. Journalist and presenter of various television programs and live broadcasts. Certified NLP trainer and much more.

He will talk about a different way of looking at theater and its potential to change people’s lives.

A research biologist with an extensive academic and international curriculum, he completed the Master’s course “Bio-Innovated Innovation” at Utrecht University, through which he specialized in research and consultancy practice in the field of sustainable development and circular economy.

He is the author and illustrator of Nature Has No Copyright, published by Beisler Editore and published in September 2022.

At TEDx he will introduce the concept of biomimicry, an innovative approach to biology in which the study of the forms, processes and ecosystems present in nature inspires the creation of new sustainable and circular technologies applicable to various sectors.

Social-ecological researcher at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), University of Oxford. He has worked for various NGOs, managing projects on environmental rights and sustainable development of rural communities and indigenous peoples, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.

He will talk about global food systems and the impact of food choices on climate change.

From loving dogs to learning their language, he founded Dog Cafe® Academy, which spreads dog language every day and helps people connect with them.

It’s about how we can improve communication with our best friends, that is, dogs!

Digital journalist since 2006, he works for the RCS Academy, the University of Iulm and coordinates the SEO direction of the Corriere della Sera. Over the course of his career, he has interviewed people of the caliber of Samantha Cristoforetti. In particular, he follows developments related to digital platforms and the development of artificial intelligence.

She has a passion for sports, especially football, and is a big AC Milan fan.

She is married to Federica and the mother of twins Giulia and Pietro.

She will talk first-hand about the experience of motherhood and the difficulties of “rainbow” families.

  • Giancarlo Shinkai Carboni

He has been practicing meditation for thirty-five years and teaches meditation and mindfulness in Italy and France. Collaborates with doctors and psychologists using mindfulness practices to support traditional medical treatments. It also operates in two penitentiary institutions and in government drug addiction treatment centers (DTCs). Guided meditation courses at the Camaldoli Hermitage.

At TEDx he talks about how meditation changed his life and how it can change ours too.

An influencer and digital nomad, she considers herself a pioneer of change and her characteristic is courage. To date, she has visited more than 60 countries, mostly by hitchhiking, carrying out her mission everywhere: to highlight the power of women, encourage people to follow their own path and achieve their dreams.

Free yourself by leaving your comfort zone and overcoming your limitations.

He is an activist for human, animal and planetary rights, and in 2015 began spreading the word about cultured meat and cellular agriculture. A topic that is certainly controversial and we will see it explored from the perspective of those who founded the European organization End The Slaughter Age.

She is a very young teacher at a Roman school, sign language interpreter, Lis performer and DSA tutor. His primary interest is neurodiversity and his mission is to ensure accessibility in every sector for deaf and neurodiverse people.

Biographies of the speakers can be found on the website www.tedxrovigo.it.


Luigi Marangoni, actor, author, director, professional trainer and public speaking coach.

What are TED and TEDx

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global non-profit organization that organizes events to bring together the world’s most amazing and innovative minds and ideas. Its mission can be summed up under the motto “ideas worth sharing”: TED firmly believes in the power that ideas have to change people’s behavior and lives, and the way they treat each other. The organization provides, through a license, the ability to create local versions of TED events, TEDx (x = independently organized TED event), with the goal of conveying the spirit and experience of TED to an ever-wider audience.

Thus, TEDx are local events created in the spirit of sharing ideas to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

During TEDx, TED Talks are held: storytelling-style conferences lasting a maximum of 18 minutes, in which speakers selected by a team of organizers convey their valuable ideas regarding the chosen topic.

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