Teen stars of the 2000s yesterday and today from Lindsay Lohan to Britney Spears

How It-girls have changed over the past twenty years. For many, age has brought advice, for others – a few extra pounds. Because twenty years ago some beauty standards were very high…

The 2000s also gave birth to idols pop culture it will be remembered forever. The fact is that at that time many of them – with the exception of the artistic side – they certainly weren’t examples of inclusivity and body positivity.. In fact, quite the opposite!

By the standards of the time, they required clean, innocent-looking girls, America’s favorite style, but… thin. Entry is prohibited for persons weighing more than 45 kilograms! At least that’s what some invitations to private Hollywood parties said, according to what they reported at the time. tabloid. And in the end almost everything teen star those years they lost control: there are those who have lost weight dramatically and those who have shaved their hair. Many, if not all, ended up in line rehabilitation. But the real drama is different: there are those who say that today, with the trends of the year 2000, these canons are returning…

2000s Teen Star Yesterday Today: The Britney Spears Case

Of course, the stars who experienced the peak of their careers during those years learned their lesson. “Squeeze” come on manager and some record labels even risked their lives to respond to inflated royalties. But today, fortunately, they have changed.

The Britney Spears case has generated the most controversy over the years. From the star Mickey Mouse Club in the nineties, she became a pop princess in the early 2000s, and then in 2008 she was declared incompetent and thus entrusted to her father’s guardianship until 2021. Her appearance has also changed over the years, from the perfect blonde lolita, toned and with ripped abs, in 2007, at the height of the crisis, she switched to DIY Marines haircut. Extensions then solved the problem. And even today they are apparently part of his hair.

Teen stars of the 2000s yesterday today: how they have changed

But Britney wasn’t the only young star of the 2000s to radically change her look and physique over the years. Twins Mary Kate AND Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie AND Mischa BartonFor example, under the influence of the Hollywood environment, they had many eating disorders. Their thinness has been a topic of debate for years, along with their often scruffy appearance and hair.

But today they have changed and are experiencing a second youth. Lindsay Lohan, for example, moved to Dubai and only this year became the mother of little Luai. After childbirth he even published a photo in which he showed his completely changed body. But she said she was proud of it all. Who would have expected this fromCrappy girlhis caliber!

Have times really changed?

OC star Mischa Barton appears to have gotten a makeover too. After various ups and downs, including an arrest for drunk driving and a stint in rehab, she went from an extremely thin silhouette to a body with a few extra pounds. And finally, he is not ashamed of it. Probably because times have changed. And everyone hopes that this will continue.

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Find out in the gallery above how the young stars of the 2000s have changed and what they are like today.


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