Teezo Touchdown – How do you sleep at night? – Album, buy

How do you sleep at night? this is the band’s debut album Tizo Touchdown (Native Aaron Thomas), a Texas artist born in 1992, has been quite a fixture in mainstream hip-hop circles and surrounding areas for several years now, to the point of appearing among media-heavy album submissions such as Call me if you get lost From Tyler, the Creator AND UTOPIA From Travis Scott.

Tizo it fits into the trend that in recent years has been trying to destabilize the market by mixing – with the liquid taste of Generation Z – styles and influences and trying to (re)create a bridge between urbanism and rock, intending to assimilate various pollutions. Attempts, in fact, which at the moment rarely materialize into something really interesting (the only thing that comes to mind on the spot is Gene Dawson AND Genesis Owusuwhich, however, looks rather elsewhere) or something that has an impact on the charts, probably also due to the lack of a clear stylistic direction (starting from the psychedelic retromania of the last Lil Yachty pop-punk who got into the TikTok format)

Currently working Tizo Touchdown is no exception: How do you sleep at night? it is still a rather immature and confusing work, in which much room for improvement is evident, but in which distinctive characteristics have yet to be identified. In fact, we find moments that seem to include the ironic touch of geek pop of The Presidents of the United States of America (if not Weird Al Yankovic) or some glamorous grandeur halfway between Yves Tumor and the Prince without much cohesion. That being said, expecting to see the formula refined in the coming years, Tizo Touchdown however, it does offer some possible alternative radio-ready hits (Acquaintance, Ooooh).

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