Telecinco employee ‘speaks out’ against Shakira: ‘Consult a psychiatrist’

Shakira He started the debate with the latest single, “El jefe.” The Colombian is harshly criticized for a phrase addressed to the father of Gerard Pique: “They say that there is no evil that lasts more than a century, but ahi, follow my former svegro, buried in Pisa“.

Shakira in the video “El Jefe”

In Fiesta, most of the participants criticized the new song of Barranquilla and Hasta. Emma Garcia who usually calls her was disappointed with the famous phrase: “I want to decide what I didn’t like exhugrothere are topics that can be avoided.”

The most critic of the platform was said Saul Ortizone of Shakira’s television “zots” after her breakup with Gerard Pique: “We constantly dance and sing about Shakira’s injuries. Contact a psychiatrist or psychologist who can help you further. that we are all constantly participating in what is going on in your head.”

Saul Ortiz in the movie “Fiesta”

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“It’s humiliating, Take a moment to think about this. “How would this country go back to Pique’s salt shaker to turn around with shirts that say ‘Shakira Mala’?” continued the program’s co-creator and sub-director. Although he criticized the song, the presenter answered his interlocutor: “I wouldn’t send Nadya to a psychologist.”

In addition to his comments about Shakira and her songs, Saul Ortiz took action to publicly condemn amenase which would have been embraced by some of the singer’s fans on social media.

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