Telecommunications: without authorizations since July, companies adjust their prices

Small and large companies that provide internet, telephone and cable television services are reporting increases to their customers between this month and next “To guarantee the sustainability of your business”, While it is still unknown whether the Government will authorize a new price hike in December, as announced last June. This year the National Communications Entity (Enacom) only validated increases up to July between 15 and 20%, while the accumulated inflation until October reached 41.8%.

As commented inland internet service providers from the country to THE NATION, this month they are adjusting their values ​​in different proportions “to survive and remain just below the updates of the large operators, with the idea of ​​maintaining competitiveness as much as possible ”.

In this sense, sources from companies in the sector reported that some ISPs (internet service providers, according to their acronym in English) received inspections of the Enacom in which they were consulted by the prices, Although SMEs and cooperatives are covered by the protection that the Argentine Cable Television Association (ATVC) has against DNU 690/2020 (which declared a public service to telecommunications and determined that the prices would be set by the Government), of so that legally “they are free to adjust the values ​​of the services without waiting for an authorization from the body.”

Another company that would be covered by ATVC is Movistar, which, although it will not have increases for the moment (in November it announced its last increase of 9.8%), it did communicate some modifications for the clients of its low cost company Tuenti. In this company, those who consume by combos (80% of the total) will not have changes, but the Surplus consumption will have an adjustment of 6.7% from next month.

By last, Telecom, which has its own protection against DNU 690, reported that, as of January 1, 2022 It will increase the monthly prices of its television, internet and national telephone service by up to 13% and the packs, extras and other charges up to 15%. The last increase it had announced had been 9% last September.

As reported by some of the companies, this year the increases in the sector will amount to between 39% and 48%, while, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) measured by Indec, from December 2020 to Last October, the Communications item had an increase of 32.2% against 41.8% of the general level.

Meanwhile, the first increase granted by the Government post DNU 690 took place in December of last year, when an increase in the 5% for fixed telephony, mobile, internet and cable services, which had been frozen for most of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two months later, at the end of February, Enacom said that the cell phone companies they could upload a 7.5% and a 2.5% additional, in February and March; and those of Pay TV, internet and fixed telephony, between 5% and 7.5%, as of March. But the condition was that they return what was billed in excess in those months.

Finally, in July a third and last increase of 5% for fixed telephony, mobile, internet and subscription television with the same condition as the previous one, although on that occasion there were no longer companies that took advantage of the official numbers due to the advance of the judicial front.

Telecom, Telecentro, DirectTV and at least 500 operators nucleated in the ATVC have precautionary measures in their favor that allow them to set their prices.

Meanwhile, the precautionary measure requested by Telefónica was rejected in the first instance by the Federal Administrative Contentious Court No. 5, but being part of the Chamber of Information Technology and Communications of the Argentine Republic (Cicomra), which is part of the ATVC, it would be reached due to the Córdoba ruling, like Claro, which is also part of that chamber.

The Executive, for its part, appealed the precautionary laws and, in the case of the rulings obtained by Telecom, DirectTV and Telecentro, presented an extraordinary appeal to reach the Supreme Court.

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