Tell the Lawyer, Jay-X’s Sister-in-Law Responds to Luis Sal’s Disagreement Against Fedez

Jill Nizzotti, wife of J-Ax’s brother, Grido, shares the most popular part of Luis Sal’s controversial video against the Feds, the now famous “Tell Mom, Tell the Lawyer”. And in the Instagram story he adds a verse from Taylor Swift’s song “Karma”.

denounced by louis year against Fedez One of the most viewed video content of the week. With a video uploaded to the Youtube profile of the channel dedicated to the Muschio Selvaggio podcast, the famous YouTuber told his version of the facts about the choice to divorce professionally from Fedez, who until then had been a partner and friend. One part of the video, in particular, has gone viral: the one in which Luis Fedez mimics the now famous “Tell mom, tell the lawyer”.

Story by Jill Nizzotti on the dispute between Luis Sal and Fedez

Those few seconds have become so popular that they have made the rounds of social networks. there are thousands memes inspired by louis, that part of the movie got many more social shares. to share this again, surprisingly, it also came Jill NizzotiGrido’s wife, brother of J-axis, as evidenced by very useless people, Jill posted the footage to her Instagram story. But she didn’t limit herself to sharing: The woman added a verse of lyrics from a remixed version of Ice Spice’s song “Karma” by Taylor Swift to the story.

Luis Tal’s version of a professional divorce from Fedez

,There has already been a lot of talk about Fedez. It shouldn’t have been another place where it was talked about. As a friend I point this out to you many times, in many ways. Commenters pointed to him as saying that he always interrupted, but Nintendo … I no longer felt part of the project, neither creatively nor executively.”, Luis Saal said in the video that informed the reasons for his exit from Wild Moss. ,I explained to him that I thought I had handled everything without any support, we agreed to take a break, but after a few weeks he wrote me a message that he didn’t want to be part of the project anymore, which he felt Fedez more than Luis… I was very disappointed”, Fedez answers.

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