Temptation Island 2023, fourth episode extended

What will happen in Monday 17th July episode temptation island, That’s the question the faithful of the Canal 5 show have been asking themselves a week after the question mark on the finale of the third episode of “Journey of Emotions” remained open. Canal 5 summer show is halfway through The penultimate chapter airs tonight (the grand finale is set for July 31) and the twists are just about to come. preview of the fourth episode of Temptation Island 2023 This seems to confirm the removal of the four couples who stayed at Is Morus Relais to test their feelings. Will it really happen?

Episode 4 Progress of Temptation Island As always they are spoiled by the official Instagram profile of the broadcast produced by Fascino di Maria De Filippi. the hero of the first clip, Pearlwho can’t hold back her tears after going out Pinnettu, reaction to lover’s behavior Mirko Even closer to the single Greta, who has been officially awarded the title of the most adored temptress by boyfriends and socialites. During the third episode it was the 26-year-old who was frustrated by his girlfriend’s attitude towards the single Igor, with whom there was no shortage of moments of playfulness and tenderness.

Lots of irons on fire (not a bonfire, at least for now). federico and alessia, In the last episode, the 31-year-old man from Trieste did not appear at the request of his girlfriend, who is determined to consider herself single and in collusion with the seductress Lolo. In a commercial for the fourth episode, Alessia can be seen telling the production not to show her videos to her partner anymore. his response? No tantrums or broken chairs all in style YouBut the official statement to the other boyfriends marks the beginning of “phase three” of her journey with the single Carmen.

Whereas manuel Still not watching girlfriend videos FrancisThe 23 year old girl from Rome is starting to open her eyes, analyze her behavior and think more about herself. In The Video That Guess What We’ll See TonightFrancesca confesses to Filippo Bisciglia that she has found a strength within herself that she believes she did not have and that she now feels like a “crystal”, ready to shatter at the slightest breath of wind. does not How will Manuel react to this new awareness of his wife?

are again Daniel and Victoria Which has now reached a point of no return. In front of a video of his girlfriend, hooking up more and more with the single Benedetta, he says, “I’ve never pushed myself like that.” had to wait a long time Gabriella and Joseph after Bisciglia promised a twist that could reverse last week’s bonfire ending. Will we still see seductress Roberta De Grazia (next to him) and seductress Fouad Elshafi (next to him), who have already become one of the most loved characters in reality TV? After Isabella and Manu, Alessia and David, which of the four remaining couples will make it to the final bonfire? We’ll find out after Rihanna performs “Love the Way You Lie” tonight.

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