Ten celebrities that are fanticos eSports


Neymar Jr. – CS:GO

There are those who say that this season has had ms-toe in CS:GO with the PSG. Specifically, these lines type. And besides, I have reason.

Asa Butterfield – Smash Bros.

Asa Butterfield is one of the famous ms active in the sector of esports. The protagonist of Sex Education has competed in various tournaments of Super Smash Bros.

Sasha Grey – League of Legends

The porn actress most popular of the last dcada has dared with League of Legends. Your smile can be Diamond 1, but their skills in the Crack do not reach the Bronze.

Antoine Griezmann – Fortnite

If it is half as good in Fortnite that playing football, Griezmann has to be formidable in the battle royale. You got both to a head for the title of Epic, which celebrated their goals with one of the little of the game.

Megan Fox – Halo and Mortal Kombat

“Mortal Kombat hits me a lot. My brain fits to the perfection with its gameplay. And I am buensima”. We do not know if you worry about the words of Fox to Kotaku, taking into account the bloody thing that is MK.

Shaquille O’neal – Street Fighter V

Many thought that his declaration of gamer was postureo, but when Shaq brought their stick customized to the ELEAGUE and li to drop get to duke it out with Ken, all knew that theirs was genuine.

Gordon Hayward – Starcraft, Halo, COD, Overwatch

Player insatiable, we do not know how to makes time to be a star in the NBA and be good at so many games.

Cara Delevigne – COD

Did DJ at the radio station ms party of GTA V, but thus it is a fan acrrima of the saga Call of Duty.

Snoop Dog – COD

In COD: Ghosts put his swag in the service of the players, and in real life has retransmitted through YouTube numerous games with their friends while they smoked marijuana.

Steve Aoki – Overwatch

The popular DJ has a participation important in the club esports Rogue, and thus a discharge tensions, with regular games the Overwatch