Ten tips for getting the most out of your iPhone with iOS 17

New iPhone updates allow features to be added to improve the quality of life of users. (Manzanar)

iOS 17 It’s ready to use now.New version operating system Manzanar Added a range of new features and improvements for mobile devices, including lock screen tools such as better app organization photo.

Given the variety of new features available, we’ve gathered 10 highlights for you to take advantage of and start getting familiar with iPhone OS updates.

Now you can use widgets from your favorite apps to personalize your home screen and get important information faster. By swiping to the left on the main desktop we will access the columns dedicated to these visits. This way they can be edited.

1. Swipe right from the left side of the screen to display widgets.

2. Scroll down until you find the “Edit” button and enter the “+” option to add access.

3. Each widget has a – button to delete it.

4. You can drag each access right to the right to place it on the device’s home page.

iOS 17 Allows you to change the background, clock layout and add custom elements below the clock for quick access to information. To use this feature, you must perform the following steps:

1. Go to the lock screen and hold the panel for a few seconds.

2. A configuration panel will open where you can modify an existing configuration or create a new one.

3. When generating one from scratch, multiple designs will be displayed, choose a wallpaper and then edit it to add different elements. One of the options is to add more features by swiping left or right.

New iPhone updates allow features to be added to improve the quality of life of users. (Manzanar)

Moving apps between desktops just got easier. No need to drag them to the edge of the screen, just long press on the app and move the wallpaper to another desktop by swiping the wallpaper left or right.

This feature will work with your own application.and apple It involves selecting the previous screen we want to return to, rather than directly the screen we last visited.

To use it, you have to hold down the back button in the app and then select the previous screen you want to return to.

if you have apple, you can use your iPhone as a camera by connecting it via a data cable without downloading any additional apps.Otherwise, right-click on the desktop to display the main menu and click Import from iPhonethe option to scan the document will appear.

New iPhone updates allow features to be added to improve the quality of life of users. (Manzanar)

this Emoticons, This is an emoji with the user’s face that has evolved into iOS 17. A higher level of customization is now possible to make them look more like each individual, changing features, hairstyles, and clothing. When you create this type of design, collections with that face are added to different applications and they can be used via the keyboard.

In terms of accessibility features, iOS 17 offers shortcuts that can be activated with two or three taps on the back of your iPhone. This allows you to create custom shortcuts for specific functions, such as muting your phone or taking a screenshot. This is how they are activated:

1. Enter the device settings.

2. Go to the Accessibility section.

3. Tap Touch and enter Options Assistive Touch.

4. Select whether the configuration is two-touch or three-touch.

5. Select the action you want to perform in each shortcut.

This feature is great for optimizing your device’s storage, which is often affected by duplicate photos or very similar photos, so just one is enough. Here’s how to delete them:

1. Open the Photos application.

2. Go to the Albums tab.

3. Click on the Repeat option.

4. A list of duplicate images will appear, and on the right side of each image there will be a “Merge” button to eliminate duplicate images.

New iPhone updates allow features to be added to improve the quality of life of users. (Manzanar)

iOS 17 goes one step further in identifying objects photo. You can now identify pets and categorize dog and cat photos in the People & Pets section. Additionally, it can even identify other animals and plants in the image, providing additional information through metadata.

For travelers, iOS 17 lets you download regions in the app map, for viewing content without an Internet connection. This feature is activated as follows:

1. Enter the Maps application.

2. Click on your profile picture in the lower right corner.

3. Enter the offline map.

4. Go to Download New Map to download the new area.

4. Select the area to be downloaded, enlarge the picture, and download the content.

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