Tension in Lampedusa: a crowd of migrants attacks and climbs over the gates of the hotspot. “We haven’t eaten for four days”

Tension in the critical zone Lampedusa clearly increases, followed by records of downloads of more 7000 migrants in the last 48 hours.

Cameras TV AND agencies on site, they captured the chaotic atmosphere on the island: dozens of migrants suddenly scaled the wall surrounding the structure in an attempt to escape, and managed to climb over it.

Amid the shouts of the crowd and the actions of police controlling the situation, dozens of people left the reception center. Meanwhile, from within, many are protesting against the current conditions and services of the institution.

Contrary to what was reported last night, when the hotspot ensured food and water were available for every guest, readings collected by the information program Morning news, from Channel 5, talk about some guests who couldn’t eat for four days in a row. “There are a lot of children, that’s why they are so desperate.”

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