Terossi: “The revitalization of the villages is fundamental for the development of the region”

“The regeneration of villages is essential for the economic and social revival and sustainable development of our region as well as of Italy as a whole. With the Trevinano Re-Wind project, financed with 20 million euros from the PNRR fund, the Aquapendente municipality is a pioneer in this context. will play an important role, as it has been selected by the Ministry of Culture and the Lazio region as one of 21 pilot projects across the country.

These are the words of Alessandra Terrosi, Mayor of Acquapendente, held on the sidelines of the initiative “Piano Borgi: for the relaunch of the territories”. thursday 15 And Friday 16 June Organized by the Municipal Administration with PTS Spa and in collaboration with the Civita Association, in the village of Trevinano.

“It was an interesting moment of exchange and study – continues Terossi – in which various small or very small municipal administrations, implementers of the PNRR investment ‘Villages of Attraction’, companies and associations working at the national and local level interacted with each other. Various aspects of the Italian government’s Borghi National Plan, a tool that aims to stimulate the regeneration of local communities and prevent their population decline, starting from the basic concepts of regeneration, sustainability and innovation. Thanks people.

The works were initiated by Angelantonio Orlando, Director General of the Mission Unit for the Implementation of the PNRR of the Ministry of Culture; Councilor for Culture Renata Baldassare; Mayor of Acquapendente Alessandra Terrosi; Lelio Fornabio, Executive Vice President and Founder of PTS Spa.

Then, at the roundtable on June 15, company managers Sara Cantarella (Invit – Italian Wireless Infrastructure), Francesco Fiore (Itabus), Francesca Paraseccolo (OpenFiber), Paolo Gencarelli (Italian Post Office), Gaetano Di Rosa (Vodafone), Alberto Pietromarchi ( Windtre) and trade associations Cristiano Tomei (CNA Tourisme and Commerce), Roberta Corbo (Commanfartigianato), Riccardo Guerci (Confcomercio), Giovanna Barni (Culturmedia Cooperative). On June 16 again Giovanna Barni (Culturemedia), Maria Elena Rossi (Enit), Umberto Croppi (Federculture), Adele Maresca Compagna (ICOM), Antonella Galdi (ANCI), Alessia De Angelis (Invitalia) and representatives of the cultural heritage of the Lazio region was also present on the first day.

Trevinano Re-Wind aims at the cultural, social and economic regeneration of the village which is part of the Aquisian municipal area. A multidimensional and ambitious plan which includes structural interventions, wide spectrum cultural events, training courses focused on topics closely related to the location. A journey started and every day open to welcome suggestions, initiatives and proposals from the people living in Trevino.

“Our project has been strongly supported by the Lazio region and we are honored to have been chosen – concluded the mayor – thanks to ideas like these, which I do not hesitate to define as revolutionary. , small municipalities like ours will become a kind of ‘startup’ and, through ministerial funding, they will go through a path of rebirth. Tourism development, cultural activities, traditional activities and local businesses will be promoted. A process of social mobilization New model that responds to emerging needs in terms of services, welfare, sustainable development, quality of life improvement and cultural, naturalistic, landscape and environmental context.

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