¡Terrible!!! Look at how lucy Karol G before their operations what Was beautiful?


The colombian singer decided to reveal it in one of his interviews how many cosmetic surgeries has been performed. Your body is truly enviable, but what Is natural?

The media and fans of the singer have been talking about the physical change has had throughout his career, this arose from a photo that was left to strain in the social network of Karol G It Was just a little girl! And had nothing of attributes.

And in an interview with the FM, the artist confessed that he has three operations by health issues, and came only once to the operating room to improve their physical appearance and it was for a breast augmentation.

According to the singer, only to have these implants, there has not been any other procedure. On the other hand, the colombian also said in this interview that many times, in his travels to other countries, the confused with Becky G.

It should be noted that in the 2018 Karol G crowned as the best new artist, won a Latin Grammy award, consolidating his career. In addition to currently joined the Jonas Brothers on the simple “X” that will be released next may 15.

The Jonas Brothers confirmed this collaboration through their social networks, in agreement with the publication of an image with a red lips on an orange background How wonderful!