Tesla and Elon Musk fans get their own dating app


Knowing if the possible target of your affection is a Teslite or a Muskiano, it seems, is now of paramount importance in the search for the loved one.

It was thinking about vehicle owners in search of their better half that someone (we only know their name: Ajitpal Grewal) created a dating platform similar to Tinder. With you, Tesla Dating.

“I saw a pattern among buyers of Tesla vehicles. They really become unconditional fans, to the point that owning a branded car becomes a big part of their identity, in addition to sharing many of the same values, like wanting to reduce their impact on the environment and valuing high technology – and, of course, to revere  Elon Musk, ”says Grewal.

Do you send nude from the car?

To be a Tesla Dating user, you must, obviously and first of all, prove that you have a Tesla in the garage. Because, according to the platform, “you can’t spell love without an electric car”.

Yes, the project is a joke, but, like everything in this life, it can come true. “At the moment, I’m just seeing where this is going. If there is enough demand, I can even launch the app, ” Tesla Dating creator told The Next Web.

Elon Musk approves.