Tesla is delivering some cars without some USB ports due to chip shortage

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Now phones come without a charger, and cars without a port. Well, not exactly. But Tesla is delivering Model 3 and Model Y to those that lack some USB ports to charge the mobile, and blames the shortage of chips.

Maybe you’ve heard of that famous chip shortage. Is the reason why it costs so much find a PS5, for which there is few iPhone 13 in stores and why some car manufacturers take so long to deliver their vehicles.

Tesla had weathered the supply crisis quite well so far. Herbert Diess, the director of Volkswagen, recognized in a conference that Tesla handles the chip shortage well because it develops its own software and can, “in two or three weeks,” adapt its software to a new vendor’s chip.

That hasn’t stopped Tesla from having trouble delivering the cars. Or at least, to deliver them with all their pieces.

According Electrek, the company has delivered some Model 3 and Model Y with holes where there should be USB-C ports, especially on the rear wall of the center console, but also on the rear seats.

It does not seem to be a very widespread problem, since all customers who posted on networks about the absence of USB ports received their Tesla after November 11, and not all cars delivered after that date are missing ports, but communication of the manufacturer is being disastrous.

Only some owners received advance notice. Others discovered, when they got home, that they were missing USB-C ports on their $ 50,000-plus cars. And then they called Tesla, where they were told that they would install the parts when they received them, and that the installation would only take 10 minutes.

It’s not a huge shortage, considering it’s temporary and that Tesla has decided to hand over the cars to their buyers rather than hold them waiting for parts to arrive. But the process could be more transparent.

In May, Tesla eliminated lumbar support adjustment of the passenger seat of the new Model 3 and Model Y without explaining why. He later said that it was hardly used and that eliminating it allowed them to cut costs now that Component shortages are driving up prices throughout the supply chain.

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