Tex, The Fountain of Youth: Illusions, Obsessions, Demons Tell an Unusual Western Story with Deep Existential Subtext

Romano Pesavento. Tex’s fairy-tale and philosophical hardcover book was released on newsstands September 16th.

The adventure unfolds between extremely realistic landscapes, sunny canyons dotted with lowlands and rocky peaks blazing with the desert sun, and “no-places”, places of “other place”, places of delirium, places of a mind that wavers, renouncing itself. myself. Metaphysical use of color accompanies an increasingly gripping story that initially emerges as a classic episode populated by gullible, abused natives.
for the mad criminal of the moment to become something completely different: a reflection on human weakness, on deep fears, on the inner weakness of our condition, which very often pushes us into fatal mistakes, onto a path from which there is no return. .
In characters well-constructed, with a strong personality and strong somatic traits, we seem to see the radiant Valeria Golino as Doleres-Sitsi, the young Lucio Battisti as Dorian and the ambiguous and melancholy Johnny. Depp, as Nataska, brings the story to life, taking turns offering their truths, leaving the reader thrilled and in suspense: once again pity and condemnation converge.
Illusions, obsessions, demons living in the hearts of people can be much more dangerous than monsters from the supernatural world or ruthless killers. Madness and misplaced ambition lead to horrific crimes and pollute the relationships and feelings that should be a priority. However, evil will not win, especially when Zagor’s ax meets Tex’s colt.

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