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What’s going on with TG1? Over the past year, state television news has undergone several changes: last September complete restyling which led to the emergence new logoa larger and more high-tech media studio, and initials and graphics they were resumed under the previous leadership of Monica Maggioni, who passed from May 25 with the arrival of Rai to Roberto Sergio, in the hands of the former director of the news agency Adnkronos, Gian Marco Chiocci. However, in recent months, viewers have realized that even therethe news editorial line changed with a more “popular” choice. both in composition and in service.

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The space for lighter news has expanded lately, but if Amadeus’ continuous performances at Sanremo 2023 last summer were appreciated by the public and, in a sense, interpreted as a great corporate marketing strategy to promote the Rai-produced main event, le editorial choices made in recent weeks have been much less understood.

From Fernanda Number Six to the Musk-Zuk duel

A few weeks ago, for example, on the occasion of the Harry Styles concert in Reggio Emilia, TG1 created a color service about what happened in the previous days. Beyond attitude “paramilitary” fans of the former face of One Direction, the story also hinted at Fernanda number six and his Twitter-born odyssey to be able to enter the Campovolo arena in time. A selection that has winked at social media and is aimed at a different audience than the one usually informed by Rai 1 news. Operation Rejuvenation it was also interesting, positively received by Twitter users: in fact, they were the target that the service winked at in an attempt to reach a younger audience.

However, the reaction to the choice made in recent weeks was completely different: on August 12, TG1 decided to open the issue at 20:00 with news about the alleged Duel between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in Italy.

A choice that caused quite a bit of controversy over X, as there were other big news stories that day. For all: two prisoners who died at the Le Valette prison in Turin (one committed suicide, the other let herself die of starvation), funeral of writer and intellectual Michelle Murgia or, again, the political clash between Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and Governor Stefano Bonacchini of Emilia-Romagna over the distribution of flood funds. An election that immediately pointed the finger at the government and the new leadership of Rai after the announcement of schedules that saw deviations between, among other things, Fabio Fazio, cancel next in the program Roberto Saviano and much-discussed television comeback Pinot I’m learningthe prime minister’s neighbor (and host of the final campaign rally in Rome a year ago).

What news is important?

Entertainment, music and television, and the space for social media are not topics to be ignored, quite the contrary. And it is also understandable the intention to somehow meet the needs of viewers who, in recent years between the pandemic, war and inflation, may want more frivolity or are sensitive to topics other than the classic menu of the main state television news. Especially in the summer when people go out and advertising which precede and follow the information, occupy an important part of the income. However, there is news and news. Italian holidays. Jennifer Lopez or the last book of Alexander sallusti they can wait to fill the leaner days.

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