“Thank God, Science and Prayers, I’m Alive”

Santo Domingo.- Former Education Minister Roberto Furca Encarnacion addressed the Dominican public on Monday through a meeting with the media, detailing the events that affected his health.

In his account, Furca, accompanied by his family and key medical team, presents multiple images of the grossest and most subtle episodes in the health process he had to go through, events that led to his extensive and intense acceptance. Treatment is the same at home as it is abroad.

He emphasized that in the first quarter of 2022, the discomfort he suffered was even more serious, the gastritis prevented him from living in peace or peace, accompanied by intestinal pain, colic, and the repeated feeling of needing to go to the hospital brought terrible discomfort. Toileting and incontinence during evacuation.

His doctors initially determined that the gastritis was related to all the stressful conditions he was exposed to while performing his duties as Secretary of Education, and to rule out other causes, they applied procedures such as an endoscopy and a colonoscopy.

“The team of doctors who treated me came to the conclusion that the emotional part was a big factor in the disease not being fully healed, as I wasn’t getting physical rest, was emotionally stressed, and couldn’t eat or eat. ‘Sleep'”, Fur He also noted that he was unable to sleep due to severe pain and the urge to go to the bathroom frequently, and had lost at least 50 pounds, said Card.

As a public entity, fulfilling his responsibility to always share the truth with society, Furca also said he was ready to resume his professional, social and political activities, stressing that he was inspired by thousands of colleagues and friends. Hope and trust that he can achieve their goals.

Gastroenterology expert speech

On his side, Dr. Sócrates Bautista, his personal physician, cardiologist and infectious disease specialist, founder and president of FUNDEII and former director of gastroenterology at CEDIMAT, explained that he was in gravity One of the health professionals accompanying Fulcar is pictured here.

He warned that he would not normally reveal patient details for ethical reasons, but in this case he had been empowered by senior leaders of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

He explained that his patient underwent endoscopy because when he was evaluated, he was doing badly, he started to lose weight, and the diarrhea became persistent, which is why they decided to continue the study with him and to He performed a tomography scan of the vessels, which revealed that the problem persisted.

“This prompted us to do a colonoscopy, we found an extremely important ulcer, we also did a biopsy and found ischemic colitis. Watching the patient deteriorate day by day, we decided to operate on him because it was A case that could not be treated with medicines, we had the idea of ​​sending him to the United States for treatment. This is a place where such pathological operations are often performed, he underwent two operations and it went well. We are happy to be with Roberto Furca’s medical staff and see that he has recovered and will be able to live a full life”, concludes the renowned gastroenterologist.

Roberto Furca affirmed at the end of his speech: I am alive only by the grace of God, by science and the prayers of those who have never left me, by the Dominican and foreign professionals who treated me, by my family Human love and devotion, my friends, and the thousands of Dominicans across the country and abroad who kneeled for my life in silent prayers, Masses and ceremonies, Forca exclaimed emotionally.

During his first meeting with the media, Furca’s family, friends, political leaders, dozens of representatives, mayors, public officials and social leaders accompanied him to support him and remained in direct contact throughout.

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