Thanks to Joe Biden Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Profile Turned Into ‘Hell’

Chrissy Teigen

The current president of the United States began to follow her and now strange people are watching her movements on the net

The model Chrissy Teigen has finally chosen to give explanations about that change of opinion, apparently sudden, that she experienced a few days ago on account of the fact that Joe Biden, current president of the United States, had been encouraged to follow her Twitter account shortly after of the presidential inauguration. It should be noted that the mannequin, John Legend’s wife, was the only celebrity to receive such a gesture from the new commander-in-chief.

In her conversation this week with the presenter Jimmy Fallon, the also television star has revealed that her profile of the platform ended up becoming a kind of “hell” since Biden pressed the ‘follow’ button since from that moment a horde of “strange people” began to monitor her movements in the network and to address her in a tone not exactly praiseworthy. “It was too much,” he assured in his interview.

“The moment I realized he was following me, I was like, ‘Oh shit.’ I thought it was going to put too much pressure on me to have the president read my tweets. I know [Joe Biden] is not like Trump, who uses Twitter actively and is always on top of everything, and I admit that afterward, I thought it was something great. I have always been overshadowed or ignored, and this seemed like a triumph until it was too much ”, he reflected in his talk.

Since the president heard her plea and unfollowed her on Twitter, life has improved substantially for the outgoing presenter. “Life is so much better now. I think when you’re on a list like the one I’ve been on, a lot of strange people who don’t know you at all appear on your account. And they wonder ‘who is this girl and things like that. It was hell on earth, really ”, he indicated.