Thanks to Talleres, Boca was one step away from qualifying for Libertadores 2022

The victory of Talleres de Córdoba over Godoy Cruz in the semifinal of the Argentine Cup not only classified the Cordoba team for the Copa Libertadores 2022 but also left a clearer picture two dates from the end of the Professional Football League tournament. There are two spots left for the Libertadores and five for the South American.

Argentina has six spots in the Libertadores next year. And four are already defined. River, champion of the current tournament; Colón, champion of the Professional League Cup; Vélez (for the annual table); and Workshops (for now for the annual table). One more quota is defined in the Argentine Cup on Wednesday 8 in Santiago del Estero and another in the annual table. Here the chances change depending on who gets the title.

If Boca wins the Argentine Cup and as Talleres is already classified, there would be only one place, now occupied by Estudiantes, who with two more points ensures that they will be in the maximum continental tournament next year. It is most likely. Lanús has a minimal chance. He needs to win the two remaining games and for Pincha to lose both. The Independiente thing would already be a miracle: they should lose Estudiantes (receive two goals) and Lanús, and win the final two games by a wide margin.

On the other hand, if Talleres is the champion of the Argentine Cup, then there will be two places for the final table, for now Estudiantes (60 points) and Boca (59), which will qualify with a win on the penultimate date, the Click before Gymnastics and the Xeneize versus Arsenal. Whoever finishes higher in the table will qualify directly to the group stage. The other will play the repechage phase. The chances for him Garnet and the Red They are the same as in the previous case, they need to win both games and lose the other two above.

For the South American, Argentina has six spots. One already belongs to Banfield, who qualified at the beginning of the year after beating Vélez 3-2, in an instance scheduled in the Diego Armando Maradona Cup between the loser of the final and the winner of the complementation phase. The final between Talleres and Boca enabled one more quota and left Lanús (55) and almost Independiente (54) and Defense and Justice (53) classified; Red needs a point and Falcon one more victory.

In addition, he also renewed hopes for Racing (50), Unión (50), Central (49), Gimnasia (49) and Argentinos (48). Of these five the other two classified will come out. Here the possibilities are multiple but of course the Academy and the Tatengue depend on themselves: with two victories, they will be international.

There are no rookies on the teams qualified for next year’s international cups. Everyone has already played at some point. In the case of Libertadores, River and Vélez were this year; Colón’s last time was in 2010; and Talleres, in 2019. If Boca qualifies, he has already played it this year; and Students, in 2018.

In the South American, Banfield, the first classified, was already in 2018 and Lanús, participated this year. Of those who are waiting, this was the last time for each one: Independiente (2021), Defensa (2020 champion), Racing (2019), Unión (2020), Central (2021), Gimnasia (2017) and Argentinos ( 2020).


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