Thanos is a robot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

On November 5, the latest Marvel Studios film, The Eternals, hit theaters exclusively. Our conclusion after seeing it is that Thanos is a robot (synthetic) Spoilers Notice

Marvel Studios has changed the origin of The Eternals Regarding the comics and the mission for which they were created by the Celestials, in the movie they are created as robots, although to be exact they would be like the replicants of Blade runner, which explains their longevity for thousands of years and that they will not be affected by Thanos’ snap.

But why is Thanos a robot? Thanos in the comics was born on the planet Titan as the son of the Eternals, Mentor and Sui-San, and is the brother of Eros known as Starfox, whom we have seen in the mid-credits scene of Chloé Zao’s movie, but Thanos does not have a human appearance because he carries the Deviant gene, and as such, he shares the physical appearance of the Eternal cousin race.

So the Eternals can have children?

The Eternals Marvel officially welcomes Starfox, Thanos' brother

Eros confirms that he is an Eternal and brother of Thanos, but we start from the basis that these beings in Marvel Studios are synthetic, like Vision but with more advanced technology. This origin in theory does not allow them to procreate, if not Ikaris and Sersi could have had children during the thousands of years of relationship on earth. Thanos in the comics besides having the purpose of ending life in the universe also tried to create new life for himself by begetting many children. In the movies, his synthetic origin explains the reason for the need to adopt children, since he would have longed to be a father in his previous life on Titan.

But then, if he is an Eternal created by the celestials and they cannot have children, how can it be explained that Eros refers to Thanos as his brother in the movie? This explanation could be that they were actually part of the same group of Eternals with the mission of destroying the deviants on Titan led by Mentor, who like Ajak knew the celestials’ plan to kill the deviants to protect life. of that planet in order to prepare it for the arrival of the “Emergence”. The Eternals in his charge could refer to him as father, just as Thena, Sersi, or Ikaris refer to Ajak as mother, which would make them “brothers.”

Titan was not destroyed by the rise

But what happened on Titan so that the planet was not destroyed together with these Eternals with the emergence? Like the Eternals of the earth, each Eternal has a unique power, and they have the ability to help the life of that planet to be able to advance technologically but in a way that they do not do it very quickly, without getting involved in its wars and conflicts. However Mentor would have disobeyed the orders of the Celestials allowing his Eternals to get involved with the inhabitants of the planet to help them evolve quickly, in a place without conflicts or wars, perhaps with the intention of shortening the times of emergence, however Thanos tried to warn that they would end the planet’s resources quickly leading to its destruction, but was not heard, and could not prevent the death of the planet and with it, the seed of the Celestial it contained.

Ajak would have knowledge of these events and tried to prevent a repeat of what happened on Titan, so that would explain the reason why she was so strict with her companions on earth and that she will not let Phastos share such advanced technology with humans. when they were not “Prepared for her”, as well as allowing Druig to manipulate the minds of humans to live in peace, since each war brought with it technological advances that allowed humans to increase the population of the planet even more if possible and provide the seed with the necessary energy to be able to emerge.

What do you think of the theory? Leave us your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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