Thati Lira Shows How to Be a ‘Pool Dancing’ Queen After 40

In the world of social media, influencers share their lives, talents and passions with their followers, Tatirilla No exception. This exceptional Brazilian dancer captivated Chilean audiences with his charisma, talent and message of empowerment. She recently surprised everyone by uploading a video of her “pool dance” to her Instagram account, showing that age is no obstacle to continuing to shine.

Despite the spotlight in recent days on his medical condition due to an inflamed eyelid, I He didn’t let himself be overcome by the discomfort and continued to show his passion for dance and unconditional love for his pets. Through a story on his social networks, he shared details of his problem, which he attributed to cat allergies and bronchitis. However, the dancer has no fear in life and continues with her daily activities despite the inconvenience.

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