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That’s how Mike Tyson discovered that his ex-wife was dating Brad Pitt.

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The former boxer Mike Tyson he revealed at the launch of his autobiographical book “Undsiputed Truth”, how he discovered that his ex-wife was dating actor Brad Pitt.

The encounter happened in 1989 when Tyson was divorcing the actress Robin Givens, who at the time was in the same acting academy as Pitt.

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Givens and Tyson had a relationship from 1988 to 1989, but they continued to have sexual encounters, the athlete narrated.

Tyson discovers his ex-wife with Brad Pitt

In his autobiography, written by Larry Sloman, Tyson describes that one day he had to go to his lawyer’s office but decided to first go through Robin’s house for a ‘quick’. “What can I say, I was young and I missed her”Designates.

However, the boxer found Givens accompanied by Brad Pitt: “I saw her with the handsome Brad Pitt and I thought shit, today I won’t have any quicks,” the boxer confessed on the TV show. The Real.

Tyson narrates that the response of Pitt it was scary to see the boxer, who at the time had 37 wins and 0 losses in the ring, being the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

“Brad must have been drunk or something, but he implored me not to hit him, ‘they were just going through one scene.’ It wasn’t the best way but there I met him, and I really thought he was a very friendly guy,” says Tyson.

The champion indicated that he was not angry with Brad and that he does not hold a grudge against him because “if it were, I would not be alive,” he added about the curious encounter.

Tyson’s ex-wife gives her version

In the program of Wendy Williams actress Givens told her side of the story, and mentioned that she did have a relationship with Brad Pitt, but that being under the shadow of the media did not allow them to succeed in their relationship and that Mike Tyson had nothing to do with their breakup.

“Brad and I met at the academy and it was a time when we both took our work very seriously. Also, we couldn’t be seen in public. It was a lot for both of us,” said Givens, Mike Tyson’s ex-wife.

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