That’s how Peter Parker makes his living!

We know how difficult it can be to deal with everyday expenses: things haven’t changed for Marvel superheroes, especially those who, like Peter Parker, have always had to deal with small finances. Don’t worry, though: A new video explains how to round up Thanksgiving Spider Man,

Tom Holland was accused of not being the best at keeping secrets during Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew Garfield In fact, he appeared in a short video that shows him quite honestly intending to earn some extra money, but perhaps not in such an honorable way for a hero called upon to protect the world from some of Marvel’s most dangerous villains.

In fact, in the video we see what a Spider-Man cosplayer would look like take a photo with a passerby Paying in cash: Everything is normal, except as we leave the house, the hero of Manhattan takes off his mask to reveal his true face… Andrew Garfield’s in fact!

On the other hand, not all Peter Parkers have it Stark Industries will support them Economically and technically! In this regard, and putting poor Andrew aside for a moment, we remind you that you should feel old considering that Tom Holland is now the same age Tobey Maguire was when he played Spider-Man in Sam Raimi’s first film.

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