That’s what happened to Marco Colombro after Dear Sir: he’s doing a completely different job.

For many years little has been known about him. Marco Colombro, a true nineties television icon. There was not a program in that decade in which he did not appear as a host or guest, often paired with Lorella Cuccarinihis historical partner at the time. Born in Viareggio in 1950.After graduating in psychology, he worked for 10 years in theater companies, including Compagnia della Forca, playing with Dario Fo and Suzzurro i Gaspare. His debut on television took place in 1975, based on a script by Marco Visconti. However, its popularity is due to twenty years 80-90thanks to some of the most beloved programs of the period, such as Happy Sunday or Jokes aside. However, starting in the 2000s, his presence on television began to decline and then ceased altogether for several years. In fact, Colombro is very busy with his second business, which he is very proud of and follows with great passion.

What happened to Marco Colombro, the face of the eighties and nineties?

In the eighties and nineties it was almost impossible to turn on the television without encountering a Tuscan presenter, very busy and much loved, to the point that he had to watch more than one program at the same time. V 1989 its beginning collaboration with Lorella CuccariniWith One evening we metvariety show dedicated to lovers, and the next year he was entrusted with hosting Bathing beauties. The relationship with the “Most Loved Italians” is so excellent that many suspect that there is something tender between them, even if they deny it several times: the couple had a leading role together from 1991 to 1993. Happy Sundaytherefore there are always 5 issues from 1991 to 2000 Very darlingwhere the mistakes and “ducks” of films are commented on, as well as four publications Thirty hours for life.

Marco Colombro with Lorella Cuccarini
Marco Colombro with Lorella Cuccarini

In 1992 he won his second Telegatto as a male character of the year, and always leads in this decade with Lorella Four-legged stars And Promotional gala concert and by the end of the nineties he also represents Big Bluff AND Jokes aside with Simona Ventura. In addition to his commitments as a presenter, Colombro then appears in some extremely successful dramas, thus returning to his ancient love of acting. Among the most appreciated we certainly find “Daddy’s Getting Married” with Nancy Brilli and “Leo and Beo” with Sabrina Ferilli at the beginning of her career.

Marco Colombro
Marco Colombro

However, it was fiction that brought him further fame. Dear Teacher, in which he played in 1996 and 1997, refusing to take part in the third season, despite great success, for fear of remaining a prisoner of the role. Two plays in which he took part also date back to this period: Twist AND Duck with orange. A lot of work, which, however, does not seem to bother him too much.

Being a devout Buddhist, in 2001, while visiting the Tibetan monastery of Graglia in the province of Biella, he suffered from a brain aneurysm, which reduces it to like for a month. Fortunately, he recovers and just a year later he is participating in other programs such as Very darling AND Let’s bet on that..?. However, the pace of work slows down, also due to possible consequences for his health, and eventually it stops completely, at least on television.

Yes, because today Marco Colombro is certainly not retired, but in recent years he devoted himself to writinghaving published several works related to spirituality, as well as pursuing his entrepreneurial activity in the field of tourismfarm manager in the province of Siena with his partner Marza Risalti. “This is a page of my destiny that has closed” he said, referring to his television career, during an interview recently given to the format Coffee on YouTube.

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