“That’s why I accepted the role after pregnancy”

Jennifer Lawrence talks about her latest film and how pregnancy has made her more confident.

Rented Girlfriend is a film by Jennifer Lawrence that has been winning the hearts of the Italian and international public in recent times. Its theatrical release was expected to garner tremendous publicity, but box office earnings are beyond expectations: in Patra, the irreverent romantic comedy is finding truly incredible success, surpassing even The Flash.

Jennifer Lawrence embraced a role that was both dramatic and sexy after her first pregnancy. The actress’ statements after the birth of her first child have put her in a position of immense strength and confidence. Here’s what he confessed.

Surrogate Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence is a sex bomb after pregnancy

Girlfriend for Rent Cinematograph.it Review

The reason J.Law agreed to work out so soon after giving birth is really simple, it’s a credit to the great sense of humor she’s always displayed. When there’s a really funny script, Jen can’t stop herself from actively participating in the making of the final product.

Here’s what he confessed in a recent interview: “I had just had a baby, so I had no intention of working. Then I read the script and it was very funny. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. About four years ago, the director is an old close friend of mine, we were having dinner when he showed me the Craigslist ad. I thought it was funny, but I never thought that I would be involved in the film or that the idea could become a film. It was just an ad that made us laugh so many times. then, four years later, he sent me the script, The film promises tons of laughs and tons of irreverence!

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