“That’s Why We Split Up”

Former One Direction and Gigi Hadid’s ex-partner Zayn Malik guested on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” hosted by Alex Cooper., Six years after leaving the scene, the singer returns to talk about himself, love and work: the interview is also primarily an occasion to deal with the topic A connection with his old colleagues, the hit band that has conquered charts around the world since Xfactor.

Now thirty years old, he was the first to decide to leave One Direction when things were first changing, in 2015: «The situation was becoming more and more political, some people don’t want to sign contracts Were. I knew something was wrong and I was ahead of schedule. I thought to myself, I wanted to be the first to try a solo career,

But the biggest problem was personal as well as professional. After the first few years, the first intolerances began to emerge: “We were together every day for five years and finally we got tired. we were over, I think that leaving at that moment protected me in the best possible way, if I had stayed longer I think the situation would have been more difficult to bear.” There was no shortage of pressure, the market and the fans Had a lot of expectations. A fame that has always been a struggle to manage, as he revealed during the episode “Call Her Daddy”: «I’ve always suffered from anxietyBut when we were on stage we had to perform, that was the goal» and that Success came too early at the age of 17I was not old enough to understand what was happening.”

Six years after their last interview, he also explained that he decided it was the right time to tell his story, as he wanted to “set a good example” for himself. Daughter Khai, now two years old, was with supermodel Gigi Hadid, with whom he broke up. He then talks about the joy of fatherhood, his new world to which he devotes himself completely when he is with her (the rest of the time he spends with his mother Gigi): Brown has brought color back into life as an adult”.

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