The 10 best hotels in Spain according to the Michelin Guide: from Cristiano Ronaldo to the center of Córdoba

Hotel Casa Bitnik, A Coruña (

There are many in our country dormitory This is a luxury. From hotels owned by football stars to hotels on stunning beaches, the deals on offer are endless. in some meaning, Michelin Guide Established a collection of Spain’s finest hotels.All this done by your professional tour guide tablet hotel, This is equivalent to the number of stars the chain awards to a restaurant.The list includes a total of 24 accommodations, however, via the publication Instagram Already selected The 10 best in our country.

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Hotel V…, located in Bejer de la Frontera, Cádiz (

vejer de la frontera It is one of the most beautiful towns in Cadiz and cannot be without hotels to match its beauty.he Hotel V… It has all the accommodation a traveler could want. This is a converted semi-detached house with twelve rooms. modernity Blended with classic aspects. There is a beautiful view from the room window and a beautiful view from the room window. balcony. This is a highlight of the hotel as you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the jacuzzi while enjoying one of the best views in town.

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Hotel Casa Bitnik, A Coruña (

Not far from Santiago de Compostela and just a few meters from the Oura River. Casa Bitnik It is one of the most unique accommodations in A Coruña.It was inaugurated in 2021 and will be held at the former site of Pazo de Gallegos. Its striking burgundy exterior cannot be ignored, and it also houses two restaurants, about a dozen rooms and a chapel converted into a church. The most expensive suite in Galicia. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of services and comforts to our customers at all times.

Pestana CR7 Gran Vía, Madrid (

One of the best players in football history, cristiano ronaldo, has its own hotel in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía.its about CR7 Gran Vía Tags, the hotel is housed in a century-old building with a modern style typical of the capital’s golden age. It has a variety of luxurious services and facilities, and its interior decoration features are inspired by sporting life.In addition, there are well-appointed guest rooms, three gourmet spaces and a Gym These include functional training, yoga and meditation facilities.

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Can Alberti 1740 Boutique Hotel, Mahon (

thank you for being impressive bay With its heavenly scenery, Menorca is one of the most beautiful destinations in Spain. Mahon It is one of the most visited cities and is home to the impressive Can Alberti 1740 Hotel Boutique.this is a space Comfortable and relaxing Guaranteed in the city center. The hotel has 14 rooms, all decorated with classical furniture and with a certain modern layout. Travelers can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island from the terrace.

H10 Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona (

This hotel is located in The heart of Barcelona, It is one of the most unique places in is projected on 19th century architecture Its rooms are available on different levels: from classic accommodation to Catalan Art Nouveau suites with multiple balconies. The hotel also has a nice restaurant and bar, where you can enjoy a drink by candlelight on the cozy terrace.

El Gran Sueño B&B, Pintueles, Asturias (

Available at El Gran Sueño B&B Unique rural experience. Located in the heart of the Asturian Mountains, this hotel is a beautiful, fully restored country house offering a wide range of services and only accommodates five rooms Complete facilities, floor heating, top brand products. However, its most striking aspect is the gastronomy, as visitors can enjoy authentic Asturian cuisine.

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Hotel Viento 10, Cordoba (

lie in Cordoba’s complete historical centerWith only seven rooms, Hotel Viento 10 is one of the most special accommodations in the developed from a 16th century architecture Contemporary architecture is mixed with original traditional structures. The hotel features a central courtyard, jacuzzi, sauna and solarium to provide you with the most relaxing experience.Apart from this, its location is excellent as it allows Tour the city In a very comfortable way.

Hotel Villa Real, located in Madrid (

Villa Real is located in front of the House of stands out for its combination roman mosaic From the Jordi Clos collection, it features modern furniture and contemporary architecture typical of the 19th century. The hotel has approximately 115 guest rooms, the most eye-catching of which is the Royal Suite, which features a whirlpool bathtub.As with the previous hotel, its location is perhaps its most striking aspect, as it is close to Prado and other museumsThyssen and Reina Sofia, as well as spaces such as Puerta del Sol or Gran Vía.

URSO Hotel & Spa, Madrid (

sheltered by the impressive palace facade nineteenth centuryURSO Hotel & Spa Madrid has become one of the best hotels in Spain.His meticulous care of structure and structure original decoration This is what makes it unique compared to other hotels in the capital. With nearly 80 rooms, the hotel provides travelers with every possible comfort to make their experience more complete.

Finally, Sa Creu Nova Petit Palais Art & Spa is located very close to the spectacular Es Trenc beach. mallorca. This hotel offers a completely modern boutique hotel experience. Rustic on the outside, luxurious on the inside.Added to this is good foodas you can enjoy two restaurants, one focusing on traditional Mallorcan cuisine and the other with a very innovative Japanese concept.

Full list provided tablet hotel They finished it:

  • Munich House, located in Ibiza.
  • Casal Santa Eulalia, located in Santa Margherita.
  • Finca Cortesin, Casares.
  • He is the prince of Mallorca.
  • Cambordoy House and Gardens, Parma.
  • The Castle of Good Love is located in the new town of Cañedo.
  • Claris Hotel & Spa GL, located in Barcelona.
  • H10 Metropolis Hotel in Barcelona.
  • Hotel Sir Victor Barcelona, ​​located in Barcelona
  • Miramar Hotel Barcelona, ​​located in Barcelona.
  • Pulitzer Hotel Barcelona, ​​located in Barcelona.
  • From Barcelona, ​​in Barcelona.
  • Madrid Pavilion, located in Madrid.
  • Torre del Marqués in Monroyo-Teruel.

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