The 10 Most Common Mistakes When Baking


Argentina is synonymous with barbecue: there are as many steakhouses as there are Argentines in the country, each with its best cooking techniques and secrets. However, there are some errors that cannot be disputed, which may be the cause of the error.

The ritual of Argentinian grilling doesn’t start the moment a piece of meat is cut onto the plate, it begins a long time ago.. A long time ago. From starting a fire, cleaning the grill and even preparing meat. These are the very important moments that make a roast delicious.

Of course, different cooking methods, temperatures, and different moments of seasoning food will also affect it. Every step is fundamental and has a reason.

A list of the ten most common mistakes when grilling

  1. build an inefficient fire: Fire is very important because it not only cooks the meat, but also imparts various smoky flavors to the meat. But if not enough or too much, the meat will be damaged. In either case, the main problem is that the meat will be tough. Preheating the grill is an essential factor.
  2. The Wrong Way to Thaw Meat: Removing meat directly from the refrigerator and placing it on the grill may result in uneven cooking. Allowing the meat to come to room temperature for about 20-30 minutes before grilling will allow for more even cooking.
  3. be careful with salt: Salt in roasting is an issue worth discussing, since the moment you add it will greatly define the profile of the meat you get. Salting meat before or immediately after putting it on the grill will cause the meat to release more juices which will evaporate as it cooks and therefore be drier. If we add salt and put the salt on the seal while flipping, the juice inside rises and stays in the center of the cut, making it even juicier.
  4. Does not control the temperature of the grill: The barbecue fire should not be too strong or too small. Ideally, put your hand on the iron and count to five. If the heat burns you at that moment, that’s okay too.
  5. constantly moving the meat: Constantly moving meat on the grill will prevent a good crust from forming and cause uneven cooking. Bone-in cuts are placed bone-side down first, with the rest of the fat side down.
  6. The meat is not selected: This seems basic…and it is. Good quality meat is likely to make your roast a success.
  7. does not complement baking well: There is a whole range of seasonings and garnishes that are perfect for baking. Salads that are fresh, light, neutral or mild in taste are recommended. Same with potatoes and sauce.
  8. Do not let the meat rest after grilling: Cutting meat immediately after grilling can cause the juices to escape and dry out the meat. Let the meat rest for a few minutes before slicing to retain the juices.
  9. Improper use of charcoal or firewood: Choosing the wrong type of charcoal or wood can affect the taste of the meat. Some woods may be too strong or too bitter.
  10. Neglect of cleaning and maintenance: Dirty grills can change the taste of meat and even poison diners. Clean your grill regularly and make sure it is in good condition.

There are sure to be many more tips and suggestions when it comes to making this traditional meal of our country, dare you leave yours in the comments?

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