The 10 sites to watch free movies: they are 100% legal

Netflix announced a few months ago that it would begin testing a new service that allow access to some of his films and series of free way. The new modality will only be available, for now, for mobile devices with Android system, from people who live in Kenya.

While waiting for a possible extension of this possibility to countries like Argentina, There are several platforms and web pages that allow you to watch movies and series free and shape 100% legal. Next, we will tell you which are the 10 best ones to do it.

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The first page of the list is Retrovision, a platform that has an extensive catalog of classic films which can be viewed for free thanks to the fact that they are all marked as “public domain“. In it you can filter by genre and they are all high quality productions -from the movies to the classic television programs that are in it-.


The second is Crunchyroll, a platform owned by Sony which focuses on the broadcasting of films and series of the genre Anime (Japanese animation) for free. The catalog available It is a little more limited and the advertising can be annoying, but it is ideal for those who want to see this type of productions without paying anything. In addition, it offers a premium option which has no advertising and where the latest releases are available.

Crunchyroll is a free platform to watch anime.


Third is Kanopy, an Australian platform that was founded in 2008 with the aim of functioning as an educational tool. It currently has more than 30,000 films through its partnerships with more than 200 public libraries., while to be able to enter you only have to present the card from a local library.


Tubi TV is the fourth platform on the list. In it are mostly commercial films belonging to production companies such as MGM, Lionsgate or Paramount, among many others. In addition to being free and not needing a user to be used, it has the particularity of be able to filter movies according to their classification in Rotten tomatoes.

On Tubi TV you can watch classic Paramount movies.


Popcornflix, a platform owned by the independent distributor Screen Media Ventures, is one of the most popular free sites in the United States and the fifth on this list. In it you can find the productions of said company, while also several independent films and series are available. The only problem is that the platform is only accessible through a VPN, since it is not enabled in Argentina.

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The sixth page is Cinpata is a platform that works as an “online archive” through which you can access short films, independent documentaries and productions made throughout Latin America. To this are added several articles on the next independent premieres and commercial that can be read on the site before watching a movie.


Viewster is the seventh page of the list. It is a free platform which has available movies, series, anime and web series. To access the streaming service No registration required, although you can restrict some content depending on the geographical location where they are viewed.

Viewster is a free service that is also committed to anime and alternative productions.


In eighth place is Pluto TV, a platform with an important catalog of films that also has a live television transmission service which is also free. On the web you can find nine channels where movies are shown 24 hours a day, with two being for general use and the rest focused on specific categories.

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The ninth platform is Vimeo, a website very similar to YouTube but that has a clean design, without advertising and seeks to build a community of active users capable of producing a large number of original shorts and feature films. In addition, it has the option to buy full movies and television programs where you can find some offers made by the main studies.


Finally is Internet Archive, a digital library that houses films and documentaries from public domain or with type licenses Creative Commons which allow their distribution for free. It is one of the most important in the world and has more than 1 million files of video material, where there is from movies to news items.

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