The 100,000 employees of Google in the United States has Asked to Work from home, because of an outbreak of Corona

292 – Concerns about the spread of the outbreak of the corona increases. This plague affects not only the health sector, the technology industry was also affected.

This time, parent company Google, the Alphabet, take preventive measures in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Alphabet questions, for as much as around 100,000 employees of Google in the state of North Carolina, United States of America, work from home.

“As a measure of protection to the Alphabet and the wider community, we recommend that you work from home, if possible,” said Chris Rackow, Vice President of Security Global Google through a E-Mail.

All of the staff in these offices in are recommended remote up to 10 April. In total, there are as many as 11 office Google this recommendation.

A similar policy has previously been applied to the employees of Google, in the region of Seattle, Washington, United States.

In E-Mailits Chris said that the Google-centre, to monitor the situation and the condition developed. He also says it will continue to update timeline in accordance with the needs.

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The Directive has been incorporated, is not without a cause. In the United States, the case of the corona virus has reached died, the number of 900 cases and 30.

In addition to preventive measures, Google is also the center of the procurement of funds for employees, the cut off come times in part-time work, announced that because of the policy.

Summarized KompasTekno from CNN, Wednesday (11/3/2020), schools and universities in the United States, the teaching and learning activities in which they are online.

A series of events of international standard in the USA takes place, should be canceled to prevent the spread of the virus.

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One of the most important events canceled is brought to Google I/O. this annual event together, the app developers from all over the world, it should be cancelled. Google I/O was scheduled to be held on 12. May 2020 pending.

In addition to Google, Twitter also has a similar policy was prescribed. Twitter questions you have about 5,000 employees around the world work from home.

According to the chief of the HR-Twitter, Jennifer Christie, was taken this step in order to minimize contact between employees and reduce the risk of transmission of the virus Covid-19.