The 200 best films of all time

Os 200 melhores filmes de todos os tempos

We continue our selection of the 200 best films of all time for you to watch (or review)

Last week, we released the first part of the list selected by the Showmetech team with the 200 best films of all time . The list includes the film’s score on the three biggest internet critics services – IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic – as well as a brief synopsis to pique your interest.

The titles are on streaming or digital rental platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Google Play, HBO GO (or HBO Max), Disney + and others. To find out which one your favorite movie is in, a great tip is to use the Just Watch website, which indicates where it will be available.

How about we continue with our list of films? Grab your popcorn and have a good movie at home:

Lion: A Journey Home (2016)

8,0 no IMDb | 84% no Rotten Tomatoes | 69 no Metacritic

Lion , in English, tells the story of a five-year-old boy who gets lost on a train that takes him thousands of kilometers across India, far from home and family. Now, he must learn to survive alone in Calcutta, before finally being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, armed with only a handful of memories, his unshakable determination and Internet technology, he decides to find his lost family and finally return to his first home.

To Schindler’s List (1993)

8,9 no IMDb | 97% no Rotten Tomatoes | 94 no Metacritic

Schindler’s List, in English, is a masterpiece by director Steven Spielberg on the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II. The film is based on the true story of Oskar Schindler (played by Liam Neeson ), a German businessman who uses his money and influence with Nazi commanders to save as many Jews as possible and employ them as employees of his factory. The work is entirely in black and white, but it is nonetheless less brutal and exciting with the vision of the terrors that the Jewish people faced in this dark period of human history.

Logan (2017)

8,1 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 77 no Metacritic

The year is 2029 and the mutants, once a threat to humanity, are almost extinct. Logan, the ex-Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman ) lives in isolation with his former friend, Professor Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart ). Now, he is put back into combat when he needs to protect a small mutant girl who has a mutation similar to his. Considered by many as the best film about the X-Men universe, Logan is a mature, exciting film, with good doses of action and very close to our reality.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

8,1 no IMDb | 97% no Rotten Tomatoes | 90 no Metacritic

This is a remake of the original 1979 film that managed, in several aspects, to overcome the first title and its two sequels. In a post-apocalyptic future where water has become scarce and as expensive as gold, groups of survivors struggle for survival using cars and other turbocharged vehicles. In addition to the character Max (played by Tom Hardy ), another major highlight of the film is due to the brave and ferocious Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron ).

Mom! (2017)

6,6 no IMDb | 69% no Rotten Tomatoes | 75 no Metacritic

Mother! , in English, is a controversial film. While some consider it an innovative work, others hate it. All this because, in essence, the work is a modern allegory of the Bible. A couple lives alone in a country house and, while the husband struggles to get inspiration for his stories, the woman struggles to keep her relationship stable. What follows from this simple plot is a sequence of surreal scenes that represent the different moments of the Bible such as the creation of Adam and Eve, the expulsion from paradise, the beginning of the New Testament and even the birth and death of Christ – all with a touch of madness and realism mixed.

Magnolia (1999)

8,0 no IMDb | 83% no Rotten Tomatoes | 77 no Metacritic

The film is an intriguing and entertaining study of characters who go through different levels of crisis and introspection. This psychological drama takes you in several different directions, weaving and crossing various subplots and characters, from a brilliant self-proclaimed flutist, to a child forced to go to a TV show and the pressures he faces from a cruel father.

Mamma Mia! The Movie (2008)

6,4 no IMDb | 54% no Rotten Tomatoes | 51 no Metacritic

Based on a classic and fun Broadway musical, Mamma Mia tells the story of a young resident of the Greek islands who, before getting married, does everything to discover the identity of her real father. For that, she invites her mother’s three ex-boyfriends to the event, causing a lot of confusion. The main moments of the work are told through the songs of the Swedish group ABBA and, in addition to fitting perfectly to the plot of the film, they create a contagious, humorous and exciting rhythm. The film won a sequel (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again !, released in 2018) but was less successful compared to its predecessor.

Matrix (1999)

8,7 no IMDb | 88% no Rotten Tomatoes | 73 no Metacritic

The Matrix , in English, is a classic of science fiction that makes us question the nature of our reality. In a post-apocalyptic future, machines are almost winning the war against humans and, to survive, they need to feed on the electrical energy produced by the human body. To keep humans in captivity and under control, a world of virtual simulation, called the Matrix, was created. With the possibility that the “Chosen One” has been located (a special individual who would be able to manipulate the rules of reality in the Matrix), humans have a chance to beat the machines once and for all and save humanity. The film is part of a trilogy ( Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions), but the first title was certainly the most revolutionary and innovative in terms of plot and special effects.

Metropolis (1927)

8,3 no IMDb | 97% no Rotten Tomatoes | 98 no Metacritic

In a futuristic city heavily divided between the working class and city planners, the son of the most brilliant scientist in the city falls in love with a working-class prophet who predicts the coming of a savior to end the differences between classes. The film was a milestone in the science fiction genre and impressed by its innovative practical visual effects at the time of its release.

Millennium: The Men Who Didn’t Love Women (2011)

7,8 no IMDb | 86% no Rotten Tomatoes | 71 no Metacritic

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo , in English, is the first film in the adaptation of three films of the literary success of Stieg Larsson , the Millennium trilogy. Directed by David Fincher , the film is based on the first novel in the trilogy, which has sold 50 million copies in 46 countries and has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the story, a journalist is assisted in his search for a woman who disappeared forty years ago by a young computer hacker.

Miss Simpatia (2000)

6,2 no IMDb | 42% no Rotten Tomatoes | 43 no Metacritic

Miss Congeniality , in English, is a comedy about Gracie Hart (played by Sandra Bullock ), an FBI agent who disguises herself as a competitor in the Miss United States contest to thwart the efforts of a terrorist who threatens to blow up the winner of the competition.

Moonlight: Under the Moonlight (2016)

7,4 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 99 no Metacritic

Winner of the Oscar for Best Picture, Moonlight tells the tender and moving story of a young man’s struggle to find himself, told in three defining chapters of his life (childhood, adolescence and adulthood), while experiencing ecstasy, pain and beauty falling in love while struggling with their own sexuality.

Moulin Rouge: Love in Red (2001)

7,6 no IMDb | 76% no Rotten Tomatoes | 66 no Metacritic

This masterpiece by director Baz Luhrmann was responsible for reviving the musical genre. Mixing well-known songs with new compositions, the film tells the story of a courtesan of the famous luxury brothel in Paris in the mid-1800s, the Moulin Rouge, who falls in love with a simple writer. Promised to a duke, the couple struggles to live this forbidden love.

Mulan (1998)

7,6 no IMDb | 86% no Rotten Tomatoes | 71 no Metacritic

The Disney did a great job of rebuilding with a compelling and charismatic animation a popular Chinese tale about a peasant who disguises herself as a man and takes the place of the sick father in the army of the emperor. Unlike the classic fairy tales, this time, the princess rescues the prince.

Castaway (2000)

7,8 no IMDb | 88% no Rotten Tomatoes | 73 no Metacritic

Cast Away , in English, is a story of exploring human survival and the ability of destiny to change even the most common lives with a big event. A Federal Express engineer who devotes most of his life to work and neglects his girlfriend sees his life turn upside down when his plane crashes near a desert island. Finding solace only in a volleyball he befriends, he now needs to learn to endure the emotional and physical stress of his new life, without knowing when he will be able to return to the civilization he knew before.

We (2019)

6,9 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 81 no Metacritic

Us , in English, is a story set in present-day California, in which a woman returns to her childhood home on the beach with her husband and two children for an idyllic summer getaway. Haunted by an unexplained and unresolved trauma from her past and exacerbated by a series of sinister coincidences, she feels her paranoia rising to a high alert, as she grows more and more certain that something bad will happen to her family. . It is a tense hanging movie with an engaging plot that will get you stuck until the end of the story.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

6,3 no IMDb | 73% no Rotten Tomatoes | 50 no Metacritic

My best friend’s wedding , in English, is a charismatic comedy about a culinary critic who goes crazy when he finds out that his best friend (whom he has always had an undeclared love for) is getting married and he wants her to be one of the bridesmaids of your wife. Now, she will do anything to cancel this marriage using the most bizarre strategies possible.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

7,8 no IMDb | 73% no Rotten Tomatoes | 61 no Metacritic

The Count of Monte Cristo , in English, is the film based on the classic revenge story by Alexandre Dumas . Edmont Dantes (played by Jim Cavizel ) is betrayed by his best friend and, in addition to being separated from the love of his life, is sentenced to prison. In jail, Dantes meets an old prisoner who teaches him various subjects such as languages, philosophy and economics (in addition to informing him of the location of a treasure). With a lucky move, Dantes manages to escape and pretend his death. Taking the treasure for himself and the title of Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes begins his saga of revenge.

The Enigma of Another World (1982)

8,1 no IMDb | 84% no Rotten Tomatoes | 57 no Metacritic

The Thing , in English, is a science fiction classic that mixes suspense and terror in the story of a group of researchers who are isolated on a Norwegian base in the middle of the ice next to an alien creature that can take the form of any living thing . Not knowing who to trust, they need to organize themselves to destroy the monster and not go crazy.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

7,3 no IMDb | 33% no Rotten Tomatoes | 40 no Metacritic

The Phantom of the Opera , in English, is an adaptation of a Broadway musical classic. In the plot, a musical genius with a disfigured face lives hidden in the catacombs below the Paris opera. The “ghost” is revealed to the home audience when he falls in love with the beautiful soprano of the new piece that is being shown.

The Iron Giant (1999)

8,0 no IMDb | 96% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

The Iron Giant , in English, is based on the 1968 story, “Iron Man”, by the British poet Ted Hughes . The film is about a gigantic metal machine that falls from the sky and scares a small town in Maine in 1958, only to find a friend named Hogarth, who finally finds his humanity and saves the people of the city from their fears and prejudices.

O Coast Guard (1992)

6,3 no IMDb | 33% no Rotten Tomatoes | 39 no Metacritic

The Bodyguard , in English, is a novel at its best. Perhaps more famous that the film is its main song: “I Will Always Love You” interpreted by the singer Whitney Houston , who also acts as the main protagonist of the plot. Whitney is Rachel, a successful artist who is chased by an obsessed fan and decides to hire the services of a bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner . What begins as a difficult relationship between boss and employee soon becomes a romance that promises to shake the hearts of both.

The Great Dictator (1940)

8,4 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

The Great Dictator , in English, is considered by many to be the best film by the brilliant Charles Chaplin. In the middle of World War II, the comedian and artist wrote, directed and acted in his first spoken film. Known for his works in silent films, Chaplin gives an acting show by satirizing Nazi-fascism and totalitarian regimes as a clumsy dictator who accidentally swaps places with a barber shop assistant who doesn’t know what to do with so much power in your hands. The highlight of the film is Chaplin’s final speech on the horrors of war and dictatorships and the power of human hope and perseverance.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

7,2 no IMDb | 48% no Rotten Tomatoes | 55 no Metacritic

The Great Gatsby , in English, is a film based on the literary success of F. Scott Fitzgerald that tells the story of a writer who approaches a mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby (played by Leonardo DiCaprio ) and soon finds himself involved in the world of super-rich, their illusions, loves and mistakes.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

8,1 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 88 no Metacritic

The Grand Budapest Hotel , in English, recounts the adventures of Gustave H (played by Ralph Fiennes ), a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between wars, and Zero Moustafa (played by F. Murray Abraham ), the boy in the lobby who becomes your most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of a valuable Renaissance painting and the battle for a huge family fortune – all against the backdrop of a continent that changes suddenly and dramatically.

The Shining (1980)

8,4 no IMDb | 85% no Rotten Tomatoes | 66 no Metacritic

The Shining , in English, is a classic horror film directed by the genius Stanley Kubrick and based on the book of the same name by Stephen King . When a family goes to vacation in a hotel in the mountains as caretakers of the property’s facilities, they soon discover that there is something strange about this location. Strange apparitions occur and little by little the father begins to go crazy and threaten the family. It is up to the son who has a strange psychic power to help his mother so that both can escape this nightmare.

The Irish (2019)

7,9 no IMDb | 96% no Rotten Tomatoes | 94 no Metacritic

The Irishman , in English, is a biographical crime thriller that follows Frank Sheeran (played by Robert De Niro ) when he remembers his last years working for the Bufalino criminal family. Now older, the World War II veteran reflects once again on his most prolific successes and, in particular, considers his involvement in the disappearance of his good friend Jimmy Hoffa (played by Al Pacino ) in 1975.

The Secret Garden (1993)

7,3 no IMDb | 88% no Rotten Tomatoes | 74 no Metacritic

The Secret Garden is the most famous remake of Frances Hodgon Burnett’s classic novel about a young woman (played by Kate Maberly) who discovers an abandoned garden on her uncle’s large Victorian country estate, as well as an invalid cousin she does not. I knew I had. With the help of a local boy, the girl sets out to restore the garden and, once it blooms again, discovers that it has magical powers.

The Good Side of Life (2012)

7,7 no IMDb | 92% no Rotten Tomatoes | 81 no Metacritic

Silver Linings Playbook , in English, shows that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Pat Solatano (played by Bradley Cooper) lost everything – his home, his job and his wife. He now finds himself living with his mother and father and is determined to rebuild his life, remain positive and reunite with his wife, despite the challenging circumstances of their separation. When he meets Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence), a mysterious girl with her own problems, things get complicated and an unexpected bond begins to form between them.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

8,2 no IMDb | 79% no Rotten Tomatoes | 73 no Metacritic

The Wolf of Wall Street , in English, is a work by director Martin Scorsese on New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio ). From the American dream to corporate greed, Belfort goes from a difficult life to a corrupt career in the late 1980s. The excess of success and wealth in his early twenties as the founder of the broker Stratton Oakmont earned Belfort the title “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

O Magical of Oz (1939)

8,0 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 100 no Metacritic

The Wizard of Oz , in English, is the perfect adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s classic tale for cinema screens. The film stars legendary actress Judy Garland as Dorothy, an innocent farm girl, transported from her mundane existence to a land of pure imagination. Dorothy’s journey in Oz will take her through emerald forests, yellow brick roads and creepy castles, all with the help of some unusual but sincere friends who love music.

Where the Weak Have No Time (2007)

8,1 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 91 no Metacritic

In Country for Old Men , in English, it is a masterpiece by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen that won the Oscar for Best Picture. In the story, a Vietnam War veteran finds a suitcase full of hundreds of dollars and does everything to protect it from an assassin who is hunting him relentlessly in search of the lost item. This “cat and mouse” hunt is brilliant and has great dialogues, interpretations and moments full of tension.

The Pianist (2002)

8,5 no IMDb | 95% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

The Pianist , in English, is a work based on real facts. The film tells the terrors faced by pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman (played by Adrien Brody) while he tried to survive in the Warsaw ghetto in the middle of World War II. In addition to seeing his family being taken to concentration camps to be exterminated, Szpilman had to hide, starve, become ill and was about to die several times before the end of the war and gain his freedom again. Adrien Brody’s impeccable performance earned him the Oscar for Best Actor.

The Godfather: Part 2 (1974)

8,5 no IMDb | 95% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

The Godfather – Part II , in English, is one of the best continuations of a successful drama. The film continues the saga of the Italian-American family and mobsters Corleone telling his trajectory in two distinct moments at the same time: the childhood and rise to organized crime of the family patriarch Vito Corleone (played by Robert DeNiro ), and the moral decay of his son Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino ) in the 1970s as he struggles to keep the family “business” going. The film won 6 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for DeNiro, the first and only time that the same character won awards for two different films ( Marlon Brandohad already won the Oscar for Best Actor in The Godfather in 1973). The saga still had The Godfather – Part 3, but the latter is seen as the weakest of all.

Jack’s Room (2015)

8,1 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 86 no Metacritic

Room , in English, is a suspense and deeply emotional film. The work is a unique and moving exploration of the boundless love between a mother and her child. After Jack (played by Jacob Tremblay ), 5, and his mother (played by Brie Larson ) escape from the closed room that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes an exciting discovery: the outside world. As he experiences all the joy, enthusiasm and fear that this new adventure brings, he clings to the one thing that matters most of all – his special bond with his loving and dedicated mother.

The Return (2015)

8,1 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 86 no Metacritic

The Revenant , in English, is a work inspired by real events and an immersive and visceral cinematic experience that captures a man’s epic survival adventure. On an expedition through the unknown American desert, the legendary explorer Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio ) is brutally attacked by a bear and left to die by members of his own hunting team. In a quest to survive, Glass suffers unimaginable pain, as well as the betrayal of his confidant John Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy ). Guided by pure will and the love of his family, Glass must go through a cruel winter in a tireless search for living and finding redemption. The film won DiCaprio the Oscar for Best Actor for his incredible performance.

The King of the Show (2017)

7,6 no IMDb | 56% no Rotten Tomatoes | 48 no Metacritic

The Greatest Showman , in English, is a work inspired by the imagination of PT Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman ), one of the greatest showman and entrepreneurs in the history of the United States. The film is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and speaks of a visionary who came out of nowhere to create a show that has become a worldwide sensation.

The Lion King (1994)

8,5 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 88 no Metacritic

The Lion King , in English, is an animated classic from Disney. With a plot that refers to the play by Hamlet by William Shakespare , the viewer is transported to the African savannas where lions reign over all other animals. Simba , the eldest son of King Mufasa , watches his father die from an elaborate plan by his uncle Scar , who usurps the throne. Exiled, Simba must fight his past to return home and take the throne that is rightfully his. The film won an adaptation using computer graphics in 2019, but the original 1994 film remains a huge success.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

8,6 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 91 no Metacritic

Saving Private Ryan , in English, is a classic film about the Second World War. Captain John H. Miller (played by Tom Hanks ) must command a search team to rescue Private Ryan (played by Matt Damon ) who is fighting in Germany. With a frantic opening sequence that shows in a cruel and brutal way how the Allies landed on D-Day on Normandy beach, the film masterfully portrays the horrors of war and the traumas that each combatant faced with this conflict.

The Secret of Your Eyes (2009)

8,2 no IMDb | 90% no Rotten Tomatoes | 80 no Metacritic

El Secreto de Sus Ojos , in Spanish, is a story about a recently retired criminal court official who, with the time available, decides to write a novel. He decides to use his own past as a civil servant as inspiration to create a true, emotional and tragic story, in which he was already directly involved, when in 1974 his court received an investigation into the rape and murder of a beautiful young woman.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

8,9 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 94 no Metacritic

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King , in English, is the last chapter of JRR Tolkien’s epic fantasy trilogy adapted for theaters. The decisive fight for the fate of Middle-earth begins with the hobbit Frodo (played by Elijah Wood ) venturing through the dangerous lands of Mordor to destroy the One Ring, while the wizard Gandalf (played by Ian McKellen ) tries to join the forces of several armies to face the imminent threat of the terrible Sauron. This was the most successful film in the trilogy (which also features The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers ) with 11 Oscars.

O Sixth Sense (1999)

8,1 no IMDb | 86% no Rotten Tomatoes | 64 no Metacritic

The Sixth Sense , in English, is a classic of the horror-suspense genre. A psychiatrist treats a boy who claims to see and hear dead people while fighting to save his relationship with his wife. With a well-written script and scary sequences, the film has an unexpected ending.

The Truman Show: the Show of Life (1998)

8,1 no IMDb | 95% no Rotten Tomatoes | 90 no Metacritic

The Truman Show , in English, puts actor and comedian Jim Carrey in one of the best interpretations of his career. He is Truman Burbank, a peaceful citizen of a small town who is gradually discovering that his whole life is just a television program, shown 24 hours a day, in the best Big Brother style. Now he must fight to discover the whole truth and, most important of all, find out who he really is.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

8,6 no IMDb | 96% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

The Silence of the Lambs , in English, is a tense and engaging story of suspense and police investigation. Clarice Starling (played by Jodie Foster ) is an FBI agent who needs to ask Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s psychological help (played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins ) to locate a serial killer. The problem is that Lecter himself is a psychopath, imprisoned for murder and cannibalism. Clarice needs to handle this dangerous man carefully if she wants to understand the maniac’s mind and locate her next victim. This excellent thriller received the Oscar for Best Picture.

Or Talented Ripley (1999)

7,4 no IMDb | 83% no Rotten Tomatoes | 76 no Metacritic

The Talented Mr. Ripley , in English, is a film based on Patricia Highsmith’s literary success. In the story, Tom Ripley (played by Matt Damon) is tasked with traveling to Italy and bringing back the son of a wealthy businessman. Ripley is an intelligent and perceptive young man, but when he meets Dickie Greenleaf (played by Jude Law) he at the same time falls in love with the boy and his lifestyle squandering his fortune. Now, Ripley will put his greatest ability – imitating other people – to the test when he accidentally kills Dickie and gradually begins to take over his victim’s life.

The Tiger and the Dragon (2000)

7,8 no IMDb | 97% no Rotten Tomatoes | 94 no Metacritic

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon , in English, is a fantastic action-packed adventure. A young Chinese warrior steals a legendary sword, the invincible “Green Destiny” and now it is up to a master and his martial arts apprentice to find the thief and take the sword back. The highlight of the film is due to the impressive choreography of the fighting.

The Departed (2006)

8,5 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

The Departed , in English, is a production by the brilliant director Martin Scorsese that won the Oscar for Best Picture. In the story, Billy (played by Leonardo DiCaprio ) is a police officer infiltrated into the Irish mafia world in Boston, United States. Meanwhile, Colin Sullivan (played by Matt Damon ) is a brilliant criminal who managed to infiltrate the police. Now, the game of cat and mouse begins while both do their best to keep their disguises intact.

The Miserable (2012)

7,6 no IMDb | 69% no Rotten Tomatoes | 63 no Metacritic

Les Misérables , in French, is a film based on both the classic by French novelist Victor Hugo and the Broadway musical. Taking place in the period just after the French Revolution, when France was in a highly unstable political situation, history follows an ex-convict, a young worker and a group of revolutionaries as their lives intersect in the struggle for freedom, equality and fraternity . The film is a complete musical and the highlight is Anne Hathaway , who plays the young Fantine and received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, singing the classic “I Dreamed I Dream” .

The Others (2001)

7,6 no IMDb | 83% no Rotten Tomatoes | 74 no Metacritic

The Others , in English, is a brilliant and scary thriller about a mother and her two children who live alone in a big house, waiting for their father who fights in the war. Children suffer from a rare disease in which they cannot receive much light and, with the help of a trio of employees, the mother hopes to be able to protect her children. When strange events begin to occur, ghosts in the mansion are soon suspected. However, what she will discover is much worse than her most terrible nightmare.

The Suspects (2013)

8,1 no IMDb | 83% no Rotten Tomatoes | 70 no Metacritic

Prisoners , in English, is a film that raises an important question: how far would you go to protect your child? Keller Dover (played by Hugh Jackman ) is facing every parent’s worst nightmare: his six-year-old daughter is missing, along with her young friend, and as the minutes turn into hours, she panics. The only clue is a trailer that had previously been parked on the street. Directing the investigation, Detective Loki (played by Jake Gyllenhaal ) arrests his driver, but the lack of evidence forces the release of the only suspect. Knowing that his son’s life is at risk, Dover decides he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

Panic (1996)

7,2 no IMDb | 79% no Rotten Tomatoes | 65 no Metacritic

Scream , in English, is a classic of the “teen terror” genre. There is a murderer in the small town of Woodsboro and suddenly, no one is safe, while the psychopath chases the victims, mocks them with trivial questions and mutilates them. The only hope for a group of young people is to stay one step ahead of this maniac. The film won several sequences ( Panic 2, 3 and 4 ), but the original work remains the most popular.

Parasite (2019)

8,6 no IMDb | 99% no Rotten Tomatoes | 96 no Metacritic

Parasite , in English, is the brilliant creation of South Korean director Bong Joon Ho. The film shows the different realities of two families: Park and Kim. While the Park are a typical rich Korean family, the Kim are struggling to rise in life and continue to survive. When a job opportunity appears at the Park home, the Kim use all of their insight to gradually infiltrate the Park residence and family as their employees. They will eventually discover that this seemingly perfect family hides many secrets. The work was the first film to be nominated and to win in both categories for Best Foreign Film and Best Film at the Oscars. In addition, Parasita innovated the American cinema scene by being the first “non-Western” film to win the Academy’s top award.

Patch Adams, Love is Contagious (1998)

6,8 no IMDb | 22% no Rotten Tomatoes | 25 no Metacritic

This moving story is based on real events. Patch Adams (played by Robin Williams ) is a misfit medical student, whose unconventional approach to cure causes bothers other doctors, but works wonders for his patients.

Pequena Miss Sunshine (2006)

7,8 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 80 no Metacritic

Little Miss Sunshine , in English, is an inspiring and fun story about family, love and self-confidence. When little Olive (played by Abigail Breslin) is selected to participate in the beauty and talent contest “Little Miss Sunshine”, her family does everything to take the girl to the competition site while trying to deal with the diverse (but fun) family problems: a couple in crisis, an angry brother, a depressed uncle and a grandfather with no tongue in cheek.

Lost on Mars (2015)

8,0 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 80 no Metacritic

The Martian , in English, is the classic science fiction story of an astronaut lost on an unknown planet. After a disaster occurs on a Mars base, the team of scientists leaves the planet but forgets astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon ). Alone on the red planet, he must use all of his knowledge in astrophysics and botany to survive in a special station on the surface of Mars while waiting for rescue.

Planet of the Apes (1968)

8,0 no IMDb | 86% no Rotten Tomatoes | 79 no Metacritic

Planet of the Apes , in English, is a sci-fi classic based on the novel by Pierre Boulle. A group of astronauts crash on a strange planet and, to their surprise, they discover that the world is dominated by intelligent monkeys who enslave humans and treat them like zoo animals. The only surviving stellar traveler struggles to prove that he is a rational and intelligent being while trying to discover how this change in society came about. What he will discover in the end is completely unexpected.

Stuck in the Dark (1997)

7,8 no IMDb | 85% no Rotten Tomatoes | 75 no Metacritic

Abre los Ojos , in Spanish, is a Spanish-French-Italian co-production that tells the story of a man who dismisses women after sleeping with them only once, a lifestyle that becomes his final debacle. Finally, he decides to be with a woman, but reality and fantasy are blurred in the climax of the film.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

8,4 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 76 no Metacritic

Mononoke-hime , in Japanese, is a fantastic animation by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. This anime broke several box office records in Japan at the time of release, as well as winning many admirers in the West. In essence, the work is a statement about the ecological devastation caused by human progress, following the battle between Princess Mononoke and a mining town.

Finding Nemo (2003)

8,1 no IMDb | 99% no Rotten Tomatoes | 90 no Metacritic

Finding Nemo , in English, is an exciting Pixar animation about Marley, a super-protective clownfish that crosses an ocean to find Nemo, his lost son. In addition to the little fish Dory who has recent memory problems, he will encounter many friends and dangers on his journey.

Pulp Fiction: Time of Violence (1994)

8,1 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 94 no Metacritic

Pulp Fiction is perhaps the most well-known (and also the most influential) film by director Quentin Tarantino . Mixing different stories, the work shows a naked and cruel portrait of violence in the cities of the United States. Using somewhat exaggerated resources at certain times to make the plot more shocking and engaging, the film is a reference in the pop culture of the 1990s.

Almost Famous (2000)

7,9 no IMDb | 89% no Rotten Tomatoes | 90 no Metacritic

Almost Famous is an almost autobiographical film by writer and director Cameron Crowe about his experiences as a youth rock journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. In the work, he mixes reality with fiction while a young journalist accompanies a band across the United States during the 1970s – at the height of the hippie revolution – in search of success, fame and lots of fun.

Who Will Stay With Mary? (1998)

7,1 no IMDb | 83% no Rotten Tomatoes | 69 no Metacritic

There’s Something About Mary , in English, is a fun comedy about beautiful young Mary (played by Cameron Diaz ) and all the different guys who want to be with her. Among them is Ted (played by Ben Stiller ) who since his youth did everything to try to be with Mary. When, years later, he hires a private investigator to discover Mary’s whereabouts, things get complicated (and funnier too).

Honey, I Shrunk the Children (1989)

6,3 no IMDb | 76% no Rotten Tomatoes | 63 no Metacritic

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids , in English, is one of those films from the 1980s that you have probably seen in the “Afternoon Session”. Scientist Wayne Szalinski (played by Ricky Moranis ) creates a machine capable of shrinking any object and being alive, but the machine is accidentally used on his children and some of their friends. Now, children and young people must face a gigantic and hostile world to find Wayne and have him restore them to their normal size. The highlight of this comedy is due to the practical visual effects of high quality for the time.

Rain Man (1988)

8,0 no IMDb | 89% no Rotten Tomatoes | 65 no Metacritic

When Charlie’s father (played by Tom Cruise ) dies and leaves almost all of the inheritance to his autistic brother, Raymond (played by Dustin Hoffman ). Charlie does everything he can to convince his brother’s guardian to give up part of the inheritance to him but, when his requests are denied, he takes Raymond out of the mental institution he finds himself in and the two cross the United States while Charlie tries to convince Raymond to give up his inheritance. What happens is that Charlie will gradually discover the bond of love and friendship that can unite the two brothers.

Rebecca, the Unforgettable Woman (1940)

8,1 no IMDb | 100% no Rotten Tomatoes | 86 no Metacritic

This is an incredible suspense story written and directed by the brilliant Alfred Hitchcock . The second Mrs. De Winter (played by Joan Fontaine ) is a shy and naive young woman, in love with the charming and urban Maxim de Winter (played by Laurence Olivier ). They meet and fall in love while on vacation on the Riviera and, after getting married, return to Maxim’s property, Manderly. His wife is introduced to an army of servants who immediately, if subtly, show hostility towards her, as they all worshiped Rebecca, Max’s first wife, whose death is shrouded in mystery. As the servants become more hostile, the second wife becomes more scared, until she finally discovers the secret of what really happened to Rebecca.

Wild Stories (2014)

8,1 no IMDb | 94% no Rotten Tomatoes | 77 no Metacritic

Relatos Salvajes , in Spanish, is a work that weaves on various themes such as inequality, injustice and the demands of the world in which we live that cause stress and depression for many people. This is a film about these people. Vulnerable to a reality that changes and suddenly becomes unpredictable, the characters in the story cross the fine line that divides civilization and barbarism. The betrayal of a lover, a return to the repressed past and the violence in everyday encounters take the characters to the edge of madness.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

8,3 no IMDb | 79% no Rotten Tomatoes | 68 no Metacritic

Requiem for a Dream , in English, is a work based on the novel by Hubert Selby Jr. and involves four people arrested for their addictions. Harry (played by Jared Leto ) and his best friend Tyrone (played by Marlon Wayans ) are addicted to heroin in New York, while Harry’s girlfriend Marion (played by Jennifer Connelly ) is an addicted colleague trying to distance himself from his wealthy father . The film is a dark drama that makes the viewer wonder about the decisions we make in life and how drugs can anesthetize us but keep us away from reality and those we really love.

Rush: The Thrill (2013)

8,1 no IMDb | 88% no Rotten Tomatoes | 74 no Metacritic

Directed by the talented Ron Howard, the film is a spectacular large-screen recreation of the legendary and merciless Formula 1 rivalry in the 1970s between the talented English playboy James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth ) and his disciplined Austrian opponent, Niki Lauda (played by Daniel Brühl ).

Selma: A Struggle for Equality (2014)

7,5 no IMDb | 99% no Rotten Tomatoes | 81 no Metacritic

The film chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (played by David Oyelowo ) led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. Selma’s epic march to Montgomery culminated in the signing of President Johnson (played by Tom Wilkinson ) by the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the civil rights movement’s most significant victories. Selma is the surprising account of how revered leader and visionary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his brothers and sisters in the movement brought about changes that changed history forever.

Seven: The Seven Capital Crimes (1995)

8,6 no IMDb | 81% no Rotten Tomatoes | 65 no Metacritic

Se7en , in English, is a dark and macabre police thriller directed by David Fincher . When a mysterious serial killer kills his victims according to the 7 deadly sins (Pride, Wrath, Avarice, Gluttony, Laziness, Envy and Lust), two detectives must race against time to find this maniac and discover his real motivation behind crimes.

Sing Street: Music and Dream (2016)

7,9 no IMDb | 95% no Rotten Tomatoes | 79 no Metacritic

This film takes the viewer back to the 1980s in Dublin, seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old boy named Conor (played by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo ), who is looking for a moment to relax while dealing with the troubled relationship of parents, financial problems and all that while trying to adjust to their new public school. He finds a glimpse of hope in the mysterious, super cool and beautiful Raphina (played by Lucy Boynton ), and in order to win her heart, he invites her to star in his band’s music videos . Inspired by the life and love of writer and director John Carney through music, this film shows us a world in which music has the power to take us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and transform us into something bigger.

Dead Poets Society (1989)

8,1 no IMDb | 84% no Rotten Tomatoes | 79 no Metacritic

Dead Poets Society , in English, is a captivating and inspiring film about the power of teaching and the wisdom of a teacher. When a new professor of literature breaks the paradigms of teaching in a rigid male studies academy, young people discover the liberating power of poetry in its purest form, learning that there is much more behind the classic poetic phrase “Carpe Diem” ( Seize the day , in Latin). The work is a great lesson on the transformative power that an education focused on freedom of thought and creativity can have on young minds.

Spotlight: Secrets Revealed (2015)

8,1 no IMDb | 97% no Rotten Tomatoes | 93 no Metacritic

This Oscar-winning Best Picture tells the fascinating true story of the investigation of the Boston Globe , winner of the Pulitzer Prize, which would shake the city of Boston and cause a crisis in one of the oldest and most trusted institutions in the world. When the newspaper’s discerning team of reporters investigates allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, its one-year investigation reveals a decades-long cover-up at Boston’s highest religious, legal and government levels, sparking a wave of revelations around the world.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

8,7 no IMDb | 94% no Rotten Tomatoes | 82 no Metacritic

The second adventure in the Star Wars saga   to hit the cinema screen is for the original film in the same way that  “Aliens”  is for  “Alien” . All the features that made Luke Skywalker’s  and his friends’ journey against the terrible Galactic Empire and villain Darth Vader a success  are taken to the extreme in this film, with more fighting, more saber fights, an engaging storyline and a dash of romance. The film arrived to consolidate the saga created by George Lucas as much more than just a science fiction show, but an intergalactic story that would mark generations forever. The work is the second title of the original trilogy, which features A New Hope andThe Return of the Jedi ; the prequel trilogy with The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of Sith ; and the new trilogy with The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Skywalker Rise . For many fans, “Empire” remains the best film in the Skywalker Saga.

It’s Raining Hamburger (2009)

6,9 no IMDb | 86% no Rotten Tomatoes | 66 no Metacritic

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs , in English, is inspired by the beloved children’s book by Ron and Judi Barrett and follows inventor Flint Lockwood and a smart weather girl as they try to find out why the rain in their small town has stopped and the food is falling into place. In the meantime, Mayor Shelbourne plans to use Flint’s latest invention – a device designed to improve everyone’s lives – for his own personal gain.

Time to Kill (1996)

7,5 no IMDb | 67% no Rotten Tomatoes | 54 no Metacritic

Time To Kill , in English, tells the story of Carl Lee Hailey (played by Samuel L. Jackson ), who decides to take the law into his own hands after the legal system fails to adequately punish men who brutally raped and beat her. daughter. When Hailey chooses fledgling lawyer Jake Brigance (played by Matthew McConaughey ) to deal with his defense, it starts to look like a certainty that Carl will have trouble getting out of this complicated situation.

Modern Times (1936)

8,5 no IMDb | 100% no Rotten Tomatoes | 96 no Metacritic

Modern Times , in English, is a fun satire to the “Machine Age” in the early 20th century. Considered Charles Chaplin’s last silent film , the comedian puts himself in the place of a factory worker who is always looking for a job and soon finds himself involved with a beautiful young woman and is even mistaken for the leader of a union movement. The plot is as confusing as any of Chaplin’s silent films, but the wide game of different stories allows the comedian to use all of his best performances.

The Normal Heart (2014)

7,9 no IMDb | 94% no Rotten Tomatoes | 85 no Metacritic

This drama tells the story of the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unwavering look at the country’s sexual policy, as gay activists and their allies in the medical community struggle to expose the truth about the epidemic rise to a city and nation in denial.

Thor Ragnarok (2017)

7,9 no IMDb | 93% no Rotten Tomatoes | 74 no Metacritic

In this fantastic adventure – considered by many to be one of the best films at Marvel Studios – Thor is trapped on the other side of the universe without his powerful hammer. He finds himself in a race against time to return to Asgard to stop Ragnarok – the destruction of his home world and the end of Asgardian civilization – in the hands of a new omnipotent threat, the relentless Hela. But first he must survive a deadly gladiator contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow avenger, the Incredible Hulk!

Titanic (1997)

7,8 no IMDb | 89% no Rotten Tomatoes | 75 no Metacritic

This spectacular epic by director James Cameron recreates the unfortunate maiden voyage of the luxury liner Titanic and the tragic maritime disaster of April 15, 1912. In the midst of this disaster, the viewer is introduced to the unexpected romance between Rose (played by Kate Winslet ) and Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio ). Both from different social classes, their love will demonstrate that not even a tragedy like the sinking of the Titanic can diminish their passion. The film won 11 Oscars, including the Best Picture award.

All About My Mother (1999)

7,8 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 87 no Metacritic

Todo Sobre Mi Madre , in Spanish, is the work of brilliant director Pedro Almodóvar that tells the story of a woman and her circle of friends who find themselves suffering from a variety of emotional crises. Manuela (played by Cecilia Roth ) is a single mother who raised her son, Esteban (played by Eloy Azorín ), on her own and became emotionally dependent on him. Now, young Esteban wants to become a writer and also discover the identity of his second mother, a trans woman, carefully hidden by Manuela.

Toy Story (1995)

8,3 no IMDb | 100% no Rotten Tomatoes | 95 no Metacritic

Responsible for revolutionizing the world of animation with its incredible computer graphics resources, the Pixar film tells the story of Woody, a toy cowboy who finds himself replaced by Buzz Lightyear, a much more modern astronaut doll than he. The problem is that Buzz believes he is a real space patrolman! The two end up separating from their owner Andy and now they need to learn to work together and help other toys in order to solve the problems and return to their home. The film still had 3 more sequels, all of them as good as the original work.

Trainspotting: No Limits (1996)

8,1 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 83 no Metacritic

Mark Renton (played by Ewan McGregor ), a young man with few prospects and less ambitions, lives in Edinburgh. Like most of his friends, Renton is a heroin addict and financing his habit also provides excitement and challenges that his life would not have. After many fights with the law, Renton leaves the heroine and moves to London, where he finds a job, an apartment and something close to peace of mind. However, his former friends find him, taking Renton back to drugs and crime.

Three Ads for a Crime (2017)

8,2 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 88 no Metacritic

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri , in English, is a dark drama that mixes a little comedy. After months of not finding the culprit in the case of her daughter’s murder, Mildred Hayes (played by Frances McDormand , winner of the Oscar for Best Actress for the film) makes a bold move, painting three signs leading to her city with a controversial message addressed to the city’s revered police chief. When his second-in-command, Officer Dixon (played by Sam Rockwell ), the son of an immature mother, with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between the Ebbing police and Mildred is taken to an extreme.

Three Times Love (2008)

7,1 no IMDb | 70% no Rotten Tomatoes | 59 no Metacritic

Definitely, Maybe , in English, tells the story of a father in his 30s in Manhattan, in the middle of a divorce, when his 10-year-old daughter begins to question him about his life before marriage. She wants to know absolutely everything about how her parents met and fell in love. For his daughter, he relives his past as an idealistic young man, learning the intricacies of big city politics and tells the story of his romantic relationships with three very different women. As she assembles the pieces of her father’s romantic puzzle, she begins to understand that love is not so simple or easy.

Shark (1975)

8,0 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 87 no Metacritic

Jaws , based in English, is based on the best-selling book by Peter Benchley that came to life in theaters at the hands of director Steven Spielberg, setting the standard for Hollywood box office success. In the film, a police chief from a small coastal town in the United States, an oceanographer and a shark hunter get together to hunt a great white shark that terrorizes city dwellers.

Twister (1996)

6,4 no IMDb | 57% no Rotten Tomatoes | 68 no Metacritic

In this electrifying film that shows the devastating power of hurricanes in the United States, two advanced storm chasers must come together to create an advanced climate warning system, putting themselves in the crosshairs of extremely violent hurricanes.

Pretty Woman (1990)

7,0 no IMDb | 63% no Rotten Tomatoes | 51 no Metacritic

Pretty Woman , in English, is a classic tale from “Modern Cinderella”. A businessman falls in love with a prostitute and does everything to turn her into a lady, even if his friends and society harm them with his prejudices and criticisms. It is an unexpected and captivating romance story.

A Dream of Freedom (1994)

9,3 no IMDb | 90% no Rotten Tomatoes | 80 no Metacritic

The Shawshank Redemption, in English, tells the story of a banker who is convicted of a double murder, despite proclaiming his innocence. He was sentenced to a life sentence at Shawshank State Prison in Maine. The ugly realities of prison life are quickly presented to him: a corrupt director, sadistic guards and prisoners who are little better than animals, willing to use rape or aggression to secure their rule. But he doesn’t break: he has the hope of the truly innocent, which (along with his intelligence) allows him to prevail behind bars. He uses his banking skills to win favors with the principal and guards, accounting for Norton’s illegal business schemes and overseeing the investments of most prison officials. In exchange,

Up: High Adventures (2009)

8,2 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 88 no Metacritic

In this fun and inspiring animation, a moody 70-year-old man joins a fearless young patrolman to fight a band of beasts and villains. All his life, Carl wanted to roam the nature of South America. Then, one day, the irascible old man shocks his neighbors by tying thousands of balloons around his house and finally taking off. But Carl is not alone on his once-in-a-lifetime journey, because guarded on the front porch he is an exciting eight-year-old explorer named Russell. Later, when the house touches the second largest continent in the world, Carl and his unlikely travel companion leave to discover that the dangers are much more than they imagined.

V for Vendetta (2005)

8,2 no IMDb | 73% no Rotten Tomatoes | 62 no Metacritic

V for Vendetta , in English, is based on the comic book by Alan Moore . The story takes place in an alternative version of Britain, in which a corrupt and abusive totalitarian government came to power. During an unfortunate encounter with the secret police, a modest young woman named Evey (played by Natalie Portman ) is rescued by a vigilante named V (played by Hugo Weaving ) – a hooded, articulate and skillful figure in combat. V embodies the principles of rebellion of an authoritarian state, wearing a terrorist mask from British history Guy Fawkesand leading a revolution brought about by murder and destruction. Evey becomes his unlikely ally, newly aware of the cruelty of his own society and his role in it.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

7,1 no IMDb | 81% no Rotten Tomatoes | 70 no Metacritic

Vicky (played by Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (played by Scarlett Johansson) are two young American women who decide to spend the summer in Spain and meet an extravagant artist and his beautiful, but insane, ex-wife. Vicky is heterosexual and is about to get married. Cristina is a sexually adventurous free spirit. When everyone is involved lovingly, comic and distressing results appear.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

8,4 no IMDb | 85% no Rotten Tomatoes | 68 no Metacritic

Avengers: Infinity War , in English, is the result of an unprecedented cinematic journey, ten years in the production and coverage of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film brings to the screen the deadliest final confrontation of all time. The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice everyone in an attempt to defeat the mighty Thanos and prevent him from obtaining all Infinity Stones and bringing devastation and ruin to the universe.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

8,4 no IMDb | 94% no Rotten Tomatoes | 78 no Metacritic

Avengers: Endgame , in English, is the direct continuation of Avengers: Infinity War. After Thanos’s “snap of the fingers”, half of all life in the universe has been reduced to dust and, now that the villain has destroyed the Infinity Stones, the Avengers must unite again to travel through time, retrieve the stones and try to restore everything to normal again. The result is an incredible adventure and a final battle unprecedented in the history of cinema.

Viva: Life’s a Party (2017)

8,4 no IMDb | 97% no Rotten Tomatoes | 81 no Metacritic

Coco , in English, is a charismatic Pixar animation about a young Mexican man who dreams of being a famous guitar player. However, his family is traumatized by this instrument because of the boy’s grandfather who abandoned his grandmother to become famous. When he makes an unexpected visit to the World of the Dead, he ends up discovering hidden truths and that keeping the memory of those who are gone is the way we keep our loved ones alive forever.

Back (2006)

7,6 no IMDb | 91% no Rotten Tomatoes | 84 no Metacritic

Located in Spain, this is a story between three generations of women: a good mother who is desperately in love with a man who is far from being a saint; a young mother carrying a hard life on her shoulders; and an illegal hairdresser whose store is the meeting point for all the gossip in the neighborhood.

Whiplash: In Search of Perfection (2014)

8,5 no IMDb | 94% no Rotten Tomatoes | 88 no Metacritic

Andrew Neyman (played by Miles Teller ) is an ambitious young jazz drummer, determined to rise to the top of his elite conservatory of music. Tormented by his father’s failed writing career, Andrew longs day and night to become one of the big names. Terence Fletcher (played by JK Simmons ), an instructor also known for his teaching talents and terrifying methods, leads the school’s best jazz group. Fletcher discovers Andrew and transfers the aspiring drummer to his band, changing the young man’s life forever. Andrew’s passion for achieving perfection quickly turns to obsession, while his relentless teacher continues to push him to the edge of his ability and sanity.

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

8,0 no IMDb | 90% no Rotten Tomatoes | 74 no Metacritic

X-Men: Days of Future Past , in English, is considered by many fans to be the best film in the saga of the mutants to mix the original cast with the new cast established in “X-Men: First Class”. In the plot, the terrible Sentinels, robots that can adapt to the powers of mutants, are exterminating everyone in the dark future. To prevent this cruel fate, Professor Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart ) sends Logan’s conscience (played by Hugh Jackman ) into the past, hoping that the mutant can prevent the events that lead to the creation of the Sentinels from occurring.

Your Name (2016)

8,4 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 79 no Metacritic

Kimi no na wa , in Japanese, is an animation that has become the highest grossing film in Japanese cinema. In the story, two young people who don’t know each other exchange bodies and, while trying to get used to the different realities, they plan a meeting. To their surprise, they discover that they are three years apart and that the fall of a comet connects their souls in some way. With a charismatic and engaging story, the film addresses this unexpected love in a profound way.

Zootopia (2016)

8,0 no IMDb | 98% no Rotten Tomatoes | 78 no Metacritic

The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Composed of habitat neighborhoods, such as the elegant Sahara Square and the icy Tundratown, it is a melting pot where animals from all environments live together. But when Officer Judy Hopps arrives, she discovers that being the first rabbit in a police force of large and difficult animals is not so easy. Determined to prove herself, she takes the opportunity to resolve a case, even if it means partnering with a scam artist and talkative fox, Nick Wilde to solve the mystery.