The 5 most popular movies with hidden messages that few could notice

Beyond the plot, the film directors are in all the details. Nothing is left to chance in the films, that’s why they usually leave some clues.

On the other hand, attentive viewers and movie lovers tend to notice it, and it makes the value of the story greater for them. In this list there are five blockbuster films that wink at other stories and personalities.


“Los Vengañiles”, the hilarious parody of some bricklayers to “Los Vengadores”

A group of masons made a parody of “The Avengers” and caused a furor on social networks.

One of these films is “Dead Pool 2″. In it, a stellar appearance occurs not only because of the size of the actor who participates, but also because of how little he is seen on stage. This is Brad Pitt, who played “Vanisher”, a member of the X-Force allied with “Wade Wilson”.

At the time, the protagonist Ryan Reynolds told in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that this wink in history convinced his colleagues and studio to make the film: “I told them: ‘They are all incredible, they are giant stars, Brad Pitt will do it’ ”.


One by one, who are the protagonists of the new season of “El Marginal”

“El Marginal”, the most anticipated Argentine series by fans, returns for a fourth season that can be seen on Netflix.

If it is about references to Brad Pitt, another of the films that involves it is “The fight Club”. Beyond being the protagonist, in a scene where he does not work, director David Fincher included a nod to another of his successes. This is the part where Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton pass by a movie theater whose billboard shows “Seven Years in Tibet.”

The 5 most popular movies with hidden messages that few could notice

“Seven years in Tibet”, in “The Fight Club”.

As to films of action, “I’m legend” included back in 2007 a marquee in the Times Square set design, with the Batman and Superman logo, similar to the one that would be used in 2016. Watching it years later, viewers went wild with this prediction.

Meanwhile, those who grew up watching pixar movies they could notice something that is repeated in several of them: the code A113. This is Andy’s parents’ car license plate in “Toy Story”, but later this combination appeared in many other productions such as “Ratatouille” or “Up”.

The 5 most popular movies with hidden messages that few could notice

Pixar’s famous patent.

By last, Shrek He made thousands of references throughout his films, but in the second he stood out by including Prince Charles. This occurred when the Fairy Godmother presented Fiona with several royal candidates for marriage.

The 5 most popular movies with hidden messages that few could notice

Prince Charles in Shrek 2.

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