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The 5 photos of Shakira that sweep her Instagram account

Shakira (@shakira) published in the last hours a series of publications on the networks that you cannot miss. The 5 posts of stories and photographs reached more than 4,440,209 of interactions between his most loyal followers.

The most popular posts are:

This September 6 I have seen my father, reach his 90 years. Remembering how loved and celebrated he is by all those around him has made me reflect on my own life and wonder if one day, like him, I will be able to reach an advanced age, clothed with so much and sincere love. Not because of the songs I’ve written, or the ideas that have occurred to me, not because of my artistic footprint but because of my human legacy. Have I listened to others enough when a pain afflicted them? Celebrated your joys, understood and forgiven your limitations? Have I given them my uninterrupted attention when they needed it or have I been too busy, consumed with my own worries, absent on the mobile or absorbed by my little things? They say that life is a sneeze, but perhaps one with which you can infect many with joy. A non-perishable joy, the one that makes us smile when we remember someone dear, people like my father, who throughout his life has tirelessly distributed his light like an inexhaustible oil lamp. Those of us who know him know how he makes each of the people he meets feel unique and special. He looks them in the eye, listens to them, advises them, connects, loves. He has been a writer, a creative soul, owner of a vast literary and intellectual wealth, but that is not exactly what we celebrated in his day with boleros, balloons and drinks. At his age, words may become more and more elusive, or in his fertile mind, bright ideas may appear less and less frequently. It often happens that over the years, what occupies our periphery leaves us first. But above all prognosis, in an unrepeatable being like him, I know that the intrinsic, the primary will remain; his ability to express and feel love, his joy, his light, his charisma and above all his rhythm! Because what is truly important is not devoured by the jaws of time. Nothing and nobody takes away what we dance! Not the material we are made of, and ask Don Wi! Oh cute little thing dad! ❤️ #tbt

Happy bday B !! @beyonce Thinking of you on your special day! Enjoy with your loved ones !!! Remembering good times !!! 💋

Today’s pancake adventure!

Daddy cute, You have driven my steps and lit my path. You have shown me that life is open and deep like a sea and thus, you have given meaning to mine by flooding it with your joy. You are my inspiration, “My accomplice and everything” My best friend. Happy 90 years spent spectacularly !! I love you with all my being. Your girl, Shakira.

I had so much fun working on my first NFTs with @BossLogic and trying out this new medium-and wanted to share it with my fans too, ahead of the drop at 3.30pm PT. Hope you enjoy!

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 2, 1977 in Barranquilla, Colombia. He began his musical career in 1991, after signing a contract with Sony Music Colombia for three albums.

After two failed attempts in 1991 and 1993, Shakira debuted in collaboration with Luis Fernando Ochoa on the record market Hispanic American in 1995 with the album Barefoot. Years later, in 1998, he continued working with Ochoa on his album Where are the thieves?, which made her the most popular artist in Latin America.

In 1999, the broadcast of his first live album MTV Unplugged became the first international acoustic presentation broadcast in Spanish by MTV in the United States. International success came in 2001 with his album Laundry service, placing it at the top of the Anglo-Saxon market with more than 13 million albums sold, is listed at number 172 on the Definitive 200 of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Shakira has several awards, including 42 Latin Billboard Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, 3 Grammy Awards and 13 Latin Grammys. He also holds multiple Guinness World Records and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On February 2, 2020, Shakira headlined with Jennifer Lopez the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, Miami Gardens, Florida, which became one of the most watched halftime shows of all time.

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