The 7 curious facts about Freddie Mercury that you did not know, 30 years after his death

He is one of the best voices in the history of popular music. Talented, eccentric, controversial and avant-garde, he left a legacy hard to match. 30 years after the death of Freddie Mercury, we review seven fun facts that not everyone knows.

Zanzibar: the birthplace of Freddie Mercury

The Queen singer was born on an island of Tanzania, in Africa. At eight years old, Farrokh Bulsara (such is his real name) he was sent to study in India. He returned, but at 17 a coup d’etat forced him to flee and he settled in London. Today, in Zanzibar there is only one store that sells photos and souvenirs of the artist. Is that, in a conservative society, Freddie’s homosexuality is seen as a stain. That is why he is not a prophet in his land.

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Graphic design: Freddie Mercuri’s other talent

Freddie Mercury graduated from the Ealing School Of Art, From london. He obtained the title of graphic designer while making his first weapons in music. In fact, he created the Queen logo himself. That college also housed other talented musicians, such as Ronnie wood and Pete Townshend.

The logo designed by the singer of the band.
The logo designed by the singer of the band.

What other jobs did Freddie Mercury have

Before becoming a rock legend, and in his early years in London, Freddie had to work to pay for his university and support himself in a city that is not exactly cheap. It was second hand clothes seller in a market of Kensintong, he used in which he stood out for his taste for aesthetics. And also loaded suitcases at London airport, which was very close to his family’s house.

Freddie Mercury’s shame for his teeth

Many times, freddie He thought about having surgery to reduce the size of his teeth. However, the fear that his voice would change was stronger and he ruled out that possibility. In the end, that striking feature ended up being a fundamental part of his image and his overwhelming personality.

Freddie Mercury wowed the world with his style.
Freddie Mercury wowed the world with his style.

Freddie Mercury learned to play the piano lying down

The keyboard was at the head of his bed. The reason: to be able to play if a song appeared to him while he was lying down. Thus, the singer was open to receive inspiration at any time and situation of the day.

In which band did Freddie Mercury start singing

Despite what many people think, he did not start singing on Queen. The first group in which he participated was a band made up of young people in which he played the piano and was the main voice. They were called The Hectis and enjoyed great popularity.

The mystery of Freddie Mercury’s grave

Beyond the fact that he is one of the greatest idols in music, no one knows where he was buried. The secret about his grave has a clear objective: to avoid desecration. Urban legend indicates that the woman in his life, Mary Austin, scattered his ashes on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. The truth is that people pay tribute to him in his last home. Garden lodge, the mansion in the South Kensington neighborhood, South West London, has a plastic that covers the facade where people leave roses and write messages.

One of the last photos of Freddie Mercury in his Garden mansion (Photo: Jim Hutton)
One of the last photos of Freddie Mercury in his Garden mansion (Photo: Jim Hutton)

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