The 7 most dangerous hacker groups of 2023

In recent years I hacker groups they have increased exponentially, with serious consequences not only for companies but also for millions of users around the world.

Although these figures have been around since the dawn of the Internet, today they pose a danger to anyone who has contact with the network like never before. Either malwareEmail phishing or ransomwarethese gangs cause billions of euros in damage every year around the world, with computer giants such as Apple AND Microsoft took aim several times.

What are the most active and influential groups? We tried to list the seven scariest gangs of this 2023.

First group on the list REVILLE which, second IBM SecurityResponsible for 21% ransomware attacks reported this year.

This is a Russian team that was born in 2019 and reached the peak of its activity in 2021. The most important REVIL-related attack was against KasevaIT service provider with millions of affected customers.

Not only that: the hacker group in question was involved in advertising attacks. AppleVUS Army (navy and air force), but also in operations against the stars, as in the case of an attack on Lady Gaga.

It’s no less Dark sideEastern European group specializing in attacks RaaS (Ransomware as a Service).

In 2021, he was the protagonist of a massive attack on colonial pipeline 2021, which effectively led to the partial closure of the network that supplies fuel to much of the eastern United States.

From REVIL to Morpho and Slips$: here are the scariest hacker groups of 2023

Third name on the list Lazarus: one of the longest-lived and most dangerous collectives in the entire sector. His work, in fact, began in 1998.

This is a North Korean group that specializes in attacks on South Korea and the United States. His most famous attack was ransomware. Want to crywhich caused $4 billion in damage.

Quote cannot be missing Dragonflya gang created in 2010 in Russia, which, according to computer experts, is connected with Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB).

The group is considered responsible for several attacks on infrastructure in the context of North America and Europe, mainly through attacks spear phishing AND DDoS attacks.

morphoalso known as wild neutrons, Sphinx butterfly AND Butterflyinstead, he carried out attacks and stole a lot of information from well-known companies such as Twitter, Apple, facebook AND Microsoft through zero day vulnerability.

Until now, their origin is unknown, as they cannot be traced. However, the beginning of his activity is estimated in 2011, and everything indicates that he could be of Anglo-Saxon origin, since the code is written entirely in English, and his encryption keys contain references to American pop culture memes.

group of hackers Slips$ is of British descent and was born in 2021.

His specialization is mainly operations in the context social engineeringwith extensive operations in the context Telegram. It was through this channel that he took advantage of the recent pandemic crisis to launch various far-reaching campaigns.

The last name on the list, but certainly not the most dangerous, is NoName057.

We are talking about a Russian group associated with intelligence agencies, which recently launched a far-reaching attack on the Spanish Interior Ministry and other infrastructures in the Iberian country.

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