The acid comment of Alberto Fernández against Máximo Kirchner and La Cámpora

The relationship between Alberto Fernandez and Maximum Kirchner is going through its most critical. As with the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the president keeps a distance hostile with the leader of The field and criticizes him fiercely at every opportunity that comes his way, just as it would have happened shortly after the act of Militancy Day which was held last Wednesday in May Plaza and that laid bare the differences between sectors of the ruling party.

A sign of this rupture between Alberto Fernández and Máximo Kirchner was seen when La Cámpora arrived at the call an hour later, just as the president was finishing his speech. “There are those who interpret it as a sign of dissent from the government, and they say that if one wants to know the internment of Peronism, it has to do with the distances with the box: the more distant, the further they are from endorsing the adjustment that an agreement with the IMF represents, “the journalist said last night. Carlos Pagni in the program Odisea Argentina, on the LN + channel.


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