The actor who played Lev in The Last of Us: Part 2 spoke about identifying himself with his character

Ian Alexander, the actor who brought Lev’s life to the gamers’ screens, was recently interviewed by Wired. In it, he talked about how he was able to use his own experience as a transsexual and how it was difficult for him in the beginning, but in the end, he was able to draw a parallel with his own struggles in real life.

Ian Alexander:

Playing Lev, I definitely got the opportunity to use my own experience and the trauma that I went through at such a young age. Back in my 13 years, in the space in which I tried to figure out everything that was happening to myself, I tried to understand how the world works, to learn about people and about myself.

Alexander compares his upbringing in a strict religious family and how lonely he felt to Lev’s experience while he was a member of the Seraphites. When Ian was offered the role of Lev, the actor was still in high school and at the same time tried to understand who he really was. His parents were part of the Mormon community in Utah. And, of course, they had a clear understanding of how their son should grow up.

I grew up in a closed religious environment, so, of course, I have never met other LGBTQ people in whom I could see myself.

When the actor nevertheless plucked up the courage and told his parents that he was a transsexual, he, like Leva, was not accepted for who he was.

They took it sharply negatively. And it influenced who I am and how I feel to this day.

Many fans of The Last Of Us 2 wondered how the Lion would live on after sailing with Abby at the end of the game. Alexander also has his own opinion on this matter.

I am sure that Leo will find his family, which will help him to heal from the wounds caused by the loss of Yara, his mother and the entire environment since childhood. I think Lyova has a bright future.

During a speech in one of the episodes of the Script Apart podcast dedicated to The Last Of Us 2, Neil Druckmann was quick to inform fans that the appearance of a third part of the game is possible and that the sketches for it have already been made.

I have already written a draft of the script for the upcoming third part, but we have not started developing it yet. I hope that in the future it will see the light of day, because it will talk about what will happen after the second part.


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