The actress Ana de Armas brings the spring to The Court in English


Filmed in February in the fields of Toledo, the new campaign of The Court English starring cuban actress Ana de Armas honours and encourages led by Spanish with the slogan: “Defend your spring”.

From years ago, the arrival of spring comes ahead of its official date on the calendar and the whims meteorolgicos to be installed in the windows and stores of El Corte English. This 2020 the company rescues that famous “it’s spring in The Cut English language” and adapt to the times post-pandemic, dndole a focus exciting: “Defend your Spring”. Argue that this year more than ever, the spring is not a season but a state of nimo full of resolve and optimism, and it is the attitude of our society esforzndose to overcome these difficult times of confinement. That motto is something like a tribute to all of the led by Spanish.

According to the tirana agenda fashionthe creative team of the firm, the partner of photographers Van Mossevelde and the maker of origin French Louis de Caunes did their homework (without imagining that coming…) and in the month of February already had list campaign for the new season, campaign that should have been released in march. The premiered now for acompaar to their clients in these stages of the desescalada and in the shared desire to move forward.

The protagonist is the actress Ana de Armas (April 30, 1988, Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba), who has been living and working in Hollywood from 2014. On the proposal of The Court English the cuban says: “it Was totally unexpected. It is very exciting, my first project in Spain after six years, I’m happy.” The cuban, who maintains a kind of love affair with the actor Ben Affleck when I first met him in 2019 during the filming of Deep Water, thriller based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, is a candidate for a Golden globe in the category of best actress comedy or musical for Puales in the back and is the new Bond girl in the last installment of the saga, No time to Die.

To the thread-the new trend slow fashionThe Court English proposes clothing that makes, colours and prints allow you to designed a own style and timelessa style that transcends the trends point without losing sight of the commitment to the environment: “We have to take a time to breathe, enjoy the present, connect with nature and with ourselves”, says the actress, who I released in our country in the series The Internship.

The fields of Toledo where he was filmed for the campaign are idneos to wear the dresses light and sheer of the signatures Woman Party, Lloyd’s, and Tintoretto Woman Limited of The Court English, among others, absolute protagonists of a season that starts on the web and getting slowly to the shops .