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Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts was recently attacked by haters who insulted her image and appearance. It all started when Roberts shared an Instagram photo of himself with his granddaughter Emma Roberts, best known for her role in the television series American Horror Story.

In the photo, the two actresses are smiling and relaxed as they play cards in the house. Both wear casual and comfortable clothes suitable for a quiet, relaxing day. However, unfortunately, many commentators have taken the opportunity to insult Julia Roberts, saying, among other negative comments, that she does not age well and looks like a man.

The reaction of Julia Roberts was not long in coming and she chose to answer the haters directly. With great dignity, the actress stated, “I’m fifty years old and I know who I am, but my feelings can still be hurt.” A response that demonstrates his self-awareness and maturity in handling unfounded criticism.

More importantly, Julia Roberts just wandered around the house, in comfortable clothes and without makeup. It’s absurd to expect a 50-year-old actress to look the same as she did at 30, or to have cosmetic surgery to look younger. The unattainable standards of beauty imposed by society often challenge even the most famous and successful people.

Despite the attacks, Julia Roberts has shown that she does not give in to unreasonable criticism and maintains high self-esteem. His reaction is admirable and should serve as an example for many, proving that a person’s worth is measured not by appearance, but by his talents, personality and how he copes with life’s difficulties.

In closing, the Julia Roberts insult episode once again highlights the issue of cyberbullying and unsubstantiated negative comments on social media. It is important to remember that behind every photo or post there is a person with their own feelings and emotions, and that an offensive comment can cause real harm. Instead of attacking others, we should learn to appreciate the beauty and value of each person in their uniqueness.

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