The actress, the world falls and breaks three ribs


Fafy Siqueira, known as the state of the sitcom “it’s up in the Air” and the “United States,” he broke three ribs after a fall from the inside of the house, in São Paulo. The accident happened at the beginning of February, but the actress The World You only spoke about the topic recently.

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Fafy Siqueira

“My blood pressure is down, I had a black out, and I broke my ribs. I was in the house when it happened. Then they took me to the hospital to Act, some of the pressure, and it was a seven-by-four,” said the sponsor (s) of the The World in the column of Patricia Kogut.

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Fafy Siqueira he also reported that the symptoms that led doctors to, in a different direction. “I have to take a test because she thought I had suffered a STROKE (cerebrovascular accident)”. The table has been deleted.

“I’ll have the whole day in the hospital, and I didn’t still get high. The doctor told me that I would have a picture of the exhaustion, because I recorded a lot in the last few months,” she said, talking about his work on “The Village”, the Post-mortem is carried out and with a few cocoa-Protásio, “Together and Apart”.

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“We shot the film in 21 days. I stayed in a hotel, and it turned out that I could not sleep properly for days. It was pretty cool, but I think that at the end of the day, all of these tasks in the order presented, and contributed to the wear and tear. For now, we can’t do things like I used to. I have always been a healthy person. I don’t smoke, drink, and my health is good always. But now I have to be careful,” said the Actress the The World it is expected to be home until the end of March.