The Actual Outfits From the Selena Quintanilla Series

Selena, the series.

The Queen of Tex-Mex was always characterized by wearing unique outfits and her autobiographical series has honored this

Selena Quintanilla is currently one of the most important references in Spanish music. And it is that not only with his talent he managed to conquer thousands, also with his unique style he became a fashion icon.

That is why in  Selena: The Series, Netflix was in charge of perfectly replicating her impeccable taste, since the interpreter of “Como la flor” was concerned with designing and creating her own outfits. Here we leave you some of the emblematic looks that we have seen throughout the fiction starring Christian Serratos.

1. The Grammy look

In 1994 he won the Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Album with Selena Live! and appeared on the red carpet with a perfect white look. Selena wore her hair collected and tousled with a dress that highlighted her curves to perfection.

2. Suzette’s wedding

One of the looks that have most confused fans is the one he used at the wedding of his sister,  Suzette Quintanilla, and is that the photographs that circulate on the net are often confused with the day of his secret wedding with Chris Pérez. The singer was a bridesmaid on Suzette’s special day and wore a white dress that she may have worn on her wedding day.

3. The iconic red bodysuit

But if there is one look of Selena that is unforgettable, it is the red body with which she gave her last presentation. To this day many celebrities have used this outfit because there is no other like this one.


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4. White top

During many concerts, the singer used two-piece ensembles that became her personal signature. One of the most remembered is this white look; her high-waisted pants and flowing hair look amazing.

5. Cow print look

It is no secret that Selena loved to experiment with different combinations for each presentation, which is why sometimes she dared with things “out of the box”. One of these looks was the cow print, which consisted of pants and a jacket with this style. It certainly reflected how much she loved fashion design.