The addictive series of Jessica Biel that you must see: it is not “The Sinner”


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October 1, 2019 12:14

With production of Facebook Watch, the series is based on a raw story published in a podcast, in 2015.

jessica biel
Jessica Biel stars in “Limetown”, the new series of Facebook Watch.

If anyone in Hollywood knew how to give an interesting twist to his career that is Jessica Biel. For a long time, the actress was very much linked to the comedies of class B, where his talent could not be appreciated. However, its role in the first season “The Sinner” changed everything.

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The striking interpretation of american actress as Cora Tanettia woman who is murderous, on a beach, to a man, for no apparent reason, earned him nominations both at the Emmy Awards, as in the Golden globe.

And, apparently, this next series will also mark a before and an after in the career of the american actress.

“Limetown”: the new addictive series starring Jessica Biel

It is Limetownan original production of Facebook Watch, the streaming platform of the social network, which was launched around the world late last year.

The series created by Zack Akers, is based on a podcast of fiction of the same name, published in 2015, by Annie-Sage Whitehurst. It tells the story of Lia Haddock, a radio announcer for the American Public Radio, which investigates what is behind the mysterious disappearance of 300 of his people, including his uncle.

jessica biel
The american actress plays a radio announcer, which investigates the striking disappearance of 300 people in a village of Teenesse.

Jessica Biel is not alone in the development of this is an intense, suspense-10 episodes. Nominated for an Oscar, Stacy Tucciconstrued to the uncle of the young journalist.

“Limetown” which had its premiere at the Film Festival of Torontowill premiere around the world, by the platform, on October 16, 2019.