The address of Jameela Jamil to “overthrow the patriarchy poison” along with the men


The address of Jameela Jamil for
The address of Jameela Jamil to “overthrow the patriarchy poison” along with the men

The activist and british actress protagonist of “The good place” was one of the exhibitors in the event, “Makers”, and gave a feminist speech that was cheered by those present.

Jamil focused his speech on the men, who pointed out that in many occasions have been “the worst enemy” of women, but highlighting that it can become “the best allies” against machismo.

“We have a lot of work to undo”, he said, and recalled as men are the sons of the patriarchy: “men are strangled with masculinity toxic, are slighted and rejected when they show signs of sensitivity. The tease and insult them when they show their pain”.

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Also proposed, mainly to women who have male children, to talk to these: “Tell him that we worked the same hours with the same skill, with the same grades but for less money, only by chromosomes we were born with. Tell him that recently we were able to choose who we love, instead of being sold by our parents to the highest bidder. And tell him that this is happening still in some parts of the world.”

“Tell her what it is to be a woman. Tell him that we have to be on guard, literally, ready to protect our lives, every time we walked through the streets. And sometimes we have to feel afraid in our own homes, because there is a threat to our security men to know,” he added.

Asked to talk about sex, not only the reproduction, but sex. “Don’t turn sex into an uncomfortable subject in your house” he said and added that it should focus on fun, the pleasurable part, the joy of pleasure and consent. “Don’t make a topic uncomfortable in your home, because if you hide in the shadows, you will find on the internet and will be your teacher,” he said.

“Tell him that we’re smart, show him the women you admire, show him movies with strong leading female, show him women are funny, tell him that we are strong, show him how strong he is, but commands the respect that you deserve. I know your friend, spend your life and great spotted cuckoo, if you choose to create it with a man that is a man with respect,” he continued.

Finally, he asked to build these men “from scratch” to fit into the picture that women face. We are in a global rise of the feminist movement, which according to his view, represents a “gold window” to reshape the future of the society.