The advantages of specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi note 9S-Made Snapdragon-720G, no wonder that the price of Usd 3 million

688 Specifications Xiaomi Redmi note 9S officially sold in Malaysia and Thailand is in the spotlight recently.

With a price of about Rp 3 million, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S a number of safety features bring.

Very interestingly, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S wear the chipset of the SoC Snapdragon 720G is.

Since the kitchen runway of this kind has, in fact, the performance is very good for gaming.

The appendage of the letter “G” in the Snapdragon 720G marking its status as a chip, which is determined, for the purposes of gambling.

As reported by in the article “Qualcomm Snapdragon Announces-720G, 662 and 460′.

So, the chip is the gaming smartphone that offers better performance than its predecessor.

Snapdragon 720G made with the production of 8nm and with the core cryogenic 465 latest.

With the new AI implanted, Qualcomm promises improved gaming performance, photography, and virtual assistant responding.

On the side of the image processing is also supported by image signal processing (ISP) spectra 360L speeds up the image processing.