The AFIP detected a fraudulent export maneuver for 504 tons of corn

The Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP) achieved today prevent the fraudulent export of 504 tons of corn party bound for Chile. The operation took place just a week after the joint action of Customs and DGI detected and proceeded to seize 8,100 tons of corn, the largest seizure in history.

This time, the AFP operations took place in Mendoza and they were able to advance after “analyzing the profiles of the operators and requesting documentation to prove the traceability of sales abroad “, indicated the collecting body.

The merchant was transported in 18 trucks and could be detected as a result of the tasks of Customs verification and control, carried out to check the necessary documentation prior to export.

Faced with some inconsistencies, he asked the operators to present the purchase invoices in the domestic market, in order to verify the traceability of the merchandise.

AFIP made a historic seizure: seized 8,100 tons of corn

The crossing of information and the profile of the operators gave as results some signs of fraudulent maneuvers. Then, intervention was given to the General Tax Directorate for the evaluation of the situation and the actions of the people involved.

According to the AFIP, it was possible to determine in one case that “the exporter presented apcritical invoices to try to justify the acquisition of the grains and, in the other, that it was a operator without economic capacity “.

Meat stocks: Customs stop the export of cuts not allowed and apply fines

Last week a joint DGI-AFIP operation sequestered more than 8,100 tons of corn that were stored in different deposits of the port of Campana, in what was a Record seizure for the volume of seized merchandise.

The company was trying to export the merchandise through the Paran river, in barges heading to Uruguay. But the salient data is that the maneuver had the same profile, that is, producers without operational and economic capacity to commercialize large volumes of grains.

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