the agency paid critics to give the film positive reviews

The scandal affected the famous website Rotten Tomatoes, which collects ratings and reviews indicating the average rating of films and other products.

There’s something rotten there Rotten Tomatoes, one might say in this case. In fact, it turned out what a PR agency is Bunker 15years ago, she allegedly approached some of the most influential critics on the famous website, paying them to inflate the film’s ratings. Ophelia With Daisy Ridleyretelling Hamlet from the perspective of a famous female supporting character.

The film was initially rated on the website. 46/100, very low. After the intervention of Bunker 15, which illegally paid some reviewers to give the film more positive votes, its value rose to 62/100. They were paid a minimum of $50 each to write more positive reviews of the film.

The scandal has hit a site that has always been the subject of controversy, blamed by Hollywood studios and cinema for the failure of several films and for a certain crudeness in aggregating reviews, paid or not, focusing on average ratings and reducing everything to the simple question of “Yes or no”.

Paul Schroeder he said about it: “The studios didn’t invent Rotten Tomatoes, and they don’t generally like them. But the system is corrupt. The public has become dumber. Normal people don’t read reviews like they used to. Studios can play around with Rotten Tomatoes. That’s why they do it.”

Source: Vulture

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