The Alburni Jazz Festival returns to the medieval village of Serres

Prestigious Alburni World Jazz Festival, one of the longest and most significant events in the Campania region is preparing to celebrate its XXIX edition. This year, the long-awaited event will take place in the picturesque setting of a medieval village greenhouses, located at the gate Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, at the foot of the Alburni mountains. Dates you should mark in your diary: August 8, 9 and 10, three extraordinary days dedicated to music, art and gastronomic excellence. The festival, which has taken a prominent place in the cultural tradition of the region, is a real reference point for lovers of jazz and good music in general. Its longevity testifies to an emotionally rich history and a constant desire to promote art and culture in the Cilento area.

medieval village. greenhouses, with its enchanting atmosphere and striking architecture, it will be the perfect place for artists and audiences to meet at the festival. Its privileged position, at the gates of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, adds value to the Alburni World Jazz Festival, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of an area rich in history and nature.

Entrance to all scheduled concerts is free, they will take place from 21:30 in Piazza Ennio D’Aniello. Since last year, the festival has had the honor of hosting one of the most authoritative voices of the Italian jazz scene, a talented jazz singer, as artistic director Walter Ricci with the support of the company Mister Few who is in production. Through his experience and deep connection with music, Ricci has brought a breath of freshness and innovation to the Alburni World Jazz Festival, confirming that it is one of the leading events in the region.

To celebrate this exciting new edition, super-guest – virtuoso jazz accordionist, in fact a great French musician of Italian origin: Richard Galliano he will return to captivate the audience of Campania with his performance. A unique opportunity for jazz enthusiasts to relive a magical moment with their extraordinary ability to mix typical jazz sounds with traditional sounds through passion and craftsmanship that fuse into a single melody. Richard Galliano will perform solo on August 10.

However, to open the festival on August 8, another great cult group of world music will take care of it, namely historical NCCP – New Pop Singer led by historical singer Faust Vetere.

The second day (August 09) will be an evening dedicated to infection and exchange in the rhythm of jazz and songwriting. Star performer becomes artistic director Walter Ricci who, with his trio of musicians Dario Rosiglione on double bass e Amedeo Ariano on drums pay tribute to the American singer Nat King Cole, An icon of American jazz, who, with his interpretations, left us with a repertoire of unforgettable songs. A live collaboration with the singer is expected Karima which boasts a large and varied artistic background, including Sanremo Festival in 2009 and especially cooperation with Burt Bacharach from which it was made. She is the only Italian singer for whom “Maestro” wrote songs and with whom she recorded her first album called Karima in Los Angeles. Also that year, she was selected by Disney to interpret the soundtrack for the animated film The Princess and the Frog, she opened concerts for Whitney Houston and John Legend, participated in Tale and Which Show and The Best Years on Rai 1.

However, the artist will also be involved Dean Bowman, among the most gifted and respected vocalists in today’s African-American music scene, with a thirty-year career under his belt, fully dedicated to both artistic (his contribution to the entire jazz, rock, and avant-garde scene in downtown New York) and “political” (he is a longtime member of Black Rock Coalition). In his career, he has been involved in one of the most innovative and incendiary bands of recent years, Screaming Headless Torsos, and as a soloist he has performed in traditional black spiritual and gospel projects, as well as in various lineups, including TriFunkTory, Soul Trilogy. , The Black Spiritual Quintet & Ten Ballads (May 20, 2015).

Jazz multi-instrumentalist from Salerno will complete the line-up Alfonso Deidda from the extended Deidda family considered one of the best performers of the Italian jazz scene.

Two excellent open art will complement the concert sets: universal singer and author Rossella Cosentino AND Alexander Santa Caterina very young Calabrian instrumentalist and composer, recognized as one of the main European swing guitar virtuosos. After the concerts three evenings will end with DJ sets Aldola Chivala.

DescribeImportanceAlburni World Jazz Festival for our citySerra Mayor Antonio Opramolla declaresThisdifficult task, because this event is truly a fount of wonders: firstly, it proclaims Serres the city of music, secondly, it is a long-term event, just think that itthe year is the twenty-ninth edition and once again it allows the thousands of people who crowded the streets of the Serra in those days to get to know this beautiful reality of the Alburni territory. Me tooeconomically driven bythe event creates for the exhibitors of our community is not insignificant. The show is the best form of communication and holding an event that putsthe art of jazz music in the center, emphasizing itimportance and giving everyone the opportunity to appreciate this genre, which is completely part of the history of music, is a great obligation for us, but also a great pleasure. Questionwestyear the artistic direction was entrusted to maestro Walter Ricci, and this is also a factor that fills us with pride, Ricci has already masterfully directed the last edition, giving itimportance and the light it deserves. lthe result of a tender held precisely in order to entrust the artistic directionAlburni Jazz Festival gave us a happy result, allowing us to follow a great professional. We are sure that he will be successful again and again.“.

I’m very glad I got the second year lArtistic Director of the XXIX Alburni World Jazz Festival. states artistic director Walter Ricci I thank Mayor Antonio Opramolla, lAssessor Antonio Luongo and allcity ​​administration for once again entrusting me with the artistic direction of the festival, providing methe opportunity to continue the work started a year ago. The name “world” associated with the word “jazz” comes from a new and restructured musical concept that wants to open up to genre contamination and sharing.. This position of responsibility encourages me to create musical and artistic synergy, together with my team of excellent professionals in the field, strengthening the foundation for the creation of an international festival, a unique attraction for the Alburni area and the municipality. Serra“.

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