The ancient Persians’ ingenious way of keeping cool (and whose technology could be used again)

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In the historic city of Yazd in Iran they had an ingenious technique for cooling buildings that did not require electricity.

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The “wind catchers” cooled without the need for electricity.

The city of Yazd, in the Iranian desert, was long the cradle of creative ingenuity.

It houses ancient marvels of engineering including an underground cooling structure calledandakhchal, an underground irrigation system called qanat; and even a messaging network called pyrradazisIt is 2,000 years older than the US Postal Service.

And among these ancient technologies are also the badgi, also called “wind catchers” or “wind catchers”.

It is common to see these structures on the rooftops of the city. They are often rectangular towers, although they can also be circular, square, octagonal, or have other ornate shapes.

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