The Annoyance or provocation? Rihanna opens her legs with a t-shirt and nothing else!


22nd of February 2020
(09:56 (CET)

With Rihanna it never ends, because you know what is the real intention they have. A bet is a fully risky business was the one that made the barbadense and with a pose that is dramatic. The one that took away the places for your photo shoot was just that, a white shirt, a size larger, so that you can have with a particular beauty.

The choice of the piece was not the most impressive, but the way you place your leg on top of the grid. Only the shirt was able to cover for the minimum need, if not, the news story would have been different all over the world. The Annoyance or provocation? This is a question that remains without an answer.

The hairstyle and the red hair, passed unnoticed in the front of a postcard for my memory. They are also open to questions about an increase in weight.

The impact of the image, while it is still fresh in the memory, it should be kept in mind that an entrepreneur, a singer and actress and is currently in its weeklong celebration. And the fact is that there is too little celebrated his birthday-of-32 in the land of mexico. Just fulfilled one of their needs on their special day, something that does not represent neither a risk of his never-ending good fortune.

This year, the followers have a lot of hopes to see a version that is more similar to that of Rihanna from the beginning.

Rihanna celebrates working

At the conclusion of the Riri takes place in the middle of a work around to the music, with the collaboration of the Pharrell Williams. Many of the changes that have occurred to the artist, this year, in addition to her chastity, you want to relive the music, and it has a proposal in to go back to work on a series called The Twilight Zone. The job is that you are sure will not fail in the next few months.

The essence of the Rihanna it seems to come back to this in 2020, where the best is yet to be seen. The public will want to see it in action, once again, the creative spirit, and that he had been waiting for his overwhelming success as an entrepreneur.