The Annual conference Google I/O is Cancelled, The Online No

189 – Google decided to terminate the developer’s conference, the annual Google I/O, what to do in California in may. It was due to concerns about the spread of Corona virus, a new type or COVID-19.

Cancellation refers to a physical event. The search giant then want to keep to go online.

Only, Google changed his mind. Mat online is also canceled. The company has announced that the online-waived version of the Google I/O in 2020. Google I/O in 2020, is repealed as completely, the not be held at this time, in any form.

It was delivered by Google via its official Twitter account. Google justified it in the interest of the safety of your employees, partners, developers and many other parties over the outbreak, which is also the United States of America (USA) met with today.

In the case of the previous, Google plans to unveil the latest Android operating system. Regularly in an annual event like this, Google I/O also be a place to present the for Google their innovations to the developers.

Even so, the company said it remains committed to the stock Android updates on the developer blog and community forum.

In the two weeks that passed since the repeal of the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 turns into a global pandemic, and in many countries, the government also took steps that never met before, the implementation of social distancing.

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